• $329.99

Soft Rubber Nozzle Tip

The specifically designed soft rubber nozzle tip takes the worry of scratching the paint’s surface out of the equation when getting a little too close to the finish. 

360 Degree Swivel Lock Wheels

The 360 degree rotating ability of the wheel setup makes moving the machine around quite easy. When it is in place, just press the wheel locks and take advantage of the long hose.

Wind Speed Dial and Easy On/Off Switch

Not all areas of the vehicle will require the full power of the BLO. When drying intricate grills or side mirrors, you may want a less powerful blast of air. The easily adjustable Wind Speed Dial makes that possible. Paired with the easily accessible On/Off switch the operational controls of the BLO are very user friendly. 

Customer Reviews

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Finalmente puedo secar mi auto y terminal con LOS detalles , sin chorrear agua. Antes tenia que dar algunas vueltas al bloque, saltar los lomos de mi calle, para sacar toda el agua de las orillas, las luces , toda grietas y llegar para poder secarlo y terminal con los detalles , good products !


I really like the BLO dryer but I think the hose needs to be smaller diameter because with the long hose you lose power and there’s no warm air once it travels that long distance. It’s very easy to use and convenient.


Have not had a chance to use it yet. I will post a review when I do


Greatest thing in the history of car washing. The Air GT is powerful enough to dry my entire car. Leaves not a drop of water on it and I barely have to touch my car with a towel, only to buff out areas from soap or wax that is usually picked up by the towel. Worth every penny. Would definitely recommend if you are a car enthusiast and take your car seriously. Just be careful to hold it probably and do not hit your car with the end of the nozzle of course. Shipped fast in good packaging. If considering other brand or options you won’t be disappointed in this one.

BLO Car Dryer Air GT

I like the BLO Car Dryer a lot, I previously had to use a gas leaf blower and obviously I made my neighbors angry. The BLO Car Dryer is quite enough to use later in the day. It is also powerful enough to use in direct sunlight with out getting water spots.