• $209.99

Soft Rubber Nozzle Tip

The specifically designed soft rubber nozzle tip takes the worry of scratching the paint's surface out of the equation when getting a little too close to the finish. 

Filtered Air

Each BLO unit includes a dedicated air filter at the intake of the machine. This will keep debris free air from engaging with the finish for an easy and clean drying experience.

Wind Speed Dial and Easy On/Off Switch

Not all areas of the vehicle will require the full power of the BLO. When drying intricate grills or side mirrors, you may want a less powerful blast of air. The easily adjustable Wind Speed Dial makes that possible. Paired with the easily accessible On/Off switch the operational controls of the BLO are very user friendly. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Blower

This was a present from my wife, how amazing is she! Love the build quality of my BLO well finished especially the expanding hose that can be packed away but expands to a really long length when using, easily long enough to go around the car. Strong air speed and dries my cars quickly

Small but Powerful

I was comparing this with other dryers and the spec looked good so I took the chance and so happy I did. This machine is amazing, so small but so powerful insane power. Previously used a leaf blower and you really cannot compare the two, this is so much better.

Great Equipment

Got this over Christmas and it’s excellent. I use it mainly to dry the wheels and brakes on my car but also the grills and other areas where water gets trapped. It’s excellent, extremely powerful and the rubber ended attachments and long hose and are great finishing touches. Great quality build too and backed by a 3 year warranty. Buy with confidence

Awesome Dryer

I bought this for my bike really, but it so powerful I use it on my cars and truck! It dries real fast and I love the varible control so slower for more delicate areas and full on for the big stuff. Great product