• $209.99

Soft Rubber Nozzle Tip

The specifically designed soft rubber nozzle tip takes the worry of scratching the paint's surface out of the equation when getting a little too close to the finish. 

Filtered Air

Each BLO unit includes a dedicated air filter at the intake of the machine. This will keep debris free air from engaging with the finish for an easy and clean drying experience.

Wind Speed Dial and Easy On/Off Switch

Not all areas of the vehicle will require the full power of the BLO. When drying intricate grills or side mirrors, you may want a less powerful blast of air. The easily adjustable Wind Speed Dial makes that possible. Paired with the easily accessible On/Off switch the operational controls of the BLO are very user friendly. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Awesome and it works perfectly

Great dryer

Quick to dry car

Haven't used it yet.

Looks like it will not be used until spring. Looks good though.

Great Dryer

Tried a friends and was sold instantly, this has so much power for its size and is so much quieter than my old metorvac one. Good quality, love the hose and the variable speed and would certainly recommend


I had a MetroVac ‘sidekick’ for nearly 10 years before it died - I wanted to try something different and based on reviews I tried the BLO-RS. I’m satisfied with my purchase and I would buy this product again. I have only used it for the past two weeks so I can’t speak to durability and longevity. However the dryer performed as promised and is quite powerful. My only wish list item is for wheels so it can follow me around a bit instead of me having to pick up the motor unit and move it to get to the other side of the car. I emailed BLO to see if a wheel option is something I can purchase in any way but they have not returned my email.