Air Drying Car After Wash

If you’re a car enthusiast then you will know that cleaning your car is only half the battle. Once washed with soap and water, properly drying it can help avoid unpleasant streaks on the exterior paintwork. There are several methods that can be used to dry your car after you have finished washing it. This can include towel drying and a process known as air drying. Air drying has pros and cons, a few of which we’re discussing. This is what you need to know about air drying car after wash.

Ultimately when it comes down to the most efficient way to dry your car, a lot of people will opt for air drying. This is because they think it takes a lot less time to dry your car than if you were going over it with a towel. You’re also less likely to scratch the paintwork using this method. However, using the air drying method to dry your car after you’ve finished washing it isn’t as good as you think it might be.

Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about air drying your car, why you shouldn’t do this, and why you should opt for a car air blower dryer instead. So let’s take a look at what air drying is in more detail!

air drying car after wash

What Is Air Drying?

What is air drying your car? And should you avoid air drying?

Air drying your car is the process of using your driving to dry the car itself. Most people will choose to drive their car at high speeds–usually on a highway–allowing the air to naturally dry any water left on your vehicle.

However, this isn’t the best method to dry your car after you’ve just cleaned it. Air drying car after wash can cause streaks, whirls, and unsightly drips. Also bear in mind that any bugs, debris, and weather conditions can instantly reverse the work you did to detail it. In fact, it may look even worse than when you first started!

Does Air Drying A Car Work?

Ultimately, air drying car after wash is ineffective and can actually do more harm than good. Allowing mother nature to handle the last and final step to a detail is generally a bad idea for a number of reasons, other than those listed above. Even on a bright sunny day, UV rays can dry water spots onto the vehicle’s surface, leaving a lasting damage to its finish.

Also, when droplets evaporate, dirt and mineral particles they contain don’t always float away with them. Instead, they stick to the surface which causes dull areas that you may often encounter when executing this method of drying. Even worse, dust and grit that is left behind can actually scratch the paint.

If you really care about your car and want to keep it looking its best, you should avoid using the air drying method.

Instead, consider obtaining the right tools like an investment in a BLO car dryer. These are pieces of equipment that have been designed specifically to air dry your car, but without unpleasant streaks or bugs smeared over your vehicle. There are also several sizes to choose from depending on the vehicle you need to dry and the power that’s required.

Using a car dryer will be much more efficient than air drying your car for numerous reasons, more on that below. This is because you can work over the entire car with filtered, heated air that goes on evenly to ensure there’s no residue left to marr your paintwork. Similarly, car dryers are often used in a controlled space, eliminating the need to make contact with other tools or environmental factors

how to dry a car after washing

Towel Dry Vs. Air Drying A Car

Air drying a car after wash is obviously not the best option for ensuring a pristine finish. But what about towel drying? Considering that you will need to make contact with the vehicle when using a towel, it’s critical to know which type of towel is best to use. Since all towels are not created equal, it’s imperative you consider the material used when wiping down a car after a wash. For example, a regular bath towel contains abrasive substances like lint that can scratch the vehicle. Additionally, bath towels are not designed to absorb a lot of water, defeating the purpose of drying it. However, some towels are specifically designed to help dry your car, like microfiber. Microfiber is known to absorb liquid and help remove any dirt and debris left behind. 

However, microfiber still increases the risk of spotting, scratching or marring the paint on a car. Since you’re making direct contact with the surface, it’s critical that only the best microfiber cloth is used. Additionally, consider having a handful of microfiber available to avoid cross-contaminating dirty towels and clean ones. Rotating towels can be cumbersome and inefficient, though. 

What Is The Best For Drying A Car?

We definitely know that air drying car after wash is not the correct method for achieving the best results and preserving your vehicle’s paint and appearance. The best method for drying your car is to opt for a BLO car dryer. This will allow you to dry your car once you have finished cleaning it with the best results possible. In order to keep your car looking squeaky clean and show its paintwork off best, you will need to ensure that you thoroughly dry it after washing it.

By choosing a car dryer, you can work over every inch of your car, making sure that all the water dries properly. Using this method will also prevent any streaks or watermarks from appearing on your paintwork. You also won’t have to worry about scratching your car, because the hot air will make the water evaporate without friction. Less friction of course means more efficient drying without damaging your car!

How Can I Dry My Car Without Scratching It?

As we’ve discussed in more detail above, the best method for drying your car without scratching it is to opt for a car dryer. This will use hot air to make the water evaporate faster, so you won’t have to worry about any towels scratching your paintwork.

air dry after wash

Avoid Air Drying Car After Wash

Air drying is the process that some people take to dry their car without scratching it. This involves driving your wet car at speed so that the movement will use the air to dry it. You should avoid air drying your car at all costs because this will ruin the hard work you have put into cleaning your car. This process often leaves streaks and drips on your car, and can even dirty it with bugs and other debris from the road.

The best way to dry your car is to use one of the great BLO car dryer blowers. These fantastic machines are much more efficient for drying your car than air drying. They are even more efficient than towel drying your car, and won’t scratch your paintwork in the process!

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