Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed the most common questions we are asked about BLO Car Dryer products. If you have a question that isn't answered below please feel free to contact us.

Why not use my leaf blower?

A leaf blower is designed to blow away leaves and a car dryer is designed to blast water off your car. For example, a leaf blower uses a plastic pipe to direct air and in the midst of drying it will ultimately bump it into their car leaving scratches. Car dryers on the other hand use hoses to allow for more control and maneuverability for drying. Plus the soft tip nozzles on car dryers will not damage your vehicle with a little contact while letting you aim your drying air at specific areas on your vehicle. Further the handle position, tube, and overall design for each tool is made for a specific design. The top handle of a leaf blower is positioned so it is easy to point downward towards fallen leaves. A car dryer is optimally placed to aim your air flow directly at wet areas on your car. Blo car dryers also filter the air that gets directed at your car so it doesn't shoot dust particles and more at your freshly cleaned vehicle.

Why do I need a car dryer?

If you have a higher end paint job it is best to use touchless drying where NOTHING touches the paint. The softest towels can leave light swirl marks behind, and the swirls get worse every time you dry the car. The hot air can also push water out of crevices that inevitably streak down the car, usually after you finish applying that fresh coat of wax. Yes, it takes longer, but in the right circumstances going touchless is definitely far better for your finish.

Which is the best car dryer blower for me?

The right dryer is mainly dependent on the size of your vehicle and how much time it takes you to dry it. For example the AIR-GT is one of the most powerful car blowers out there with twin motors. This powerful dryer will quickly blast water off of the surface of your vehicle whether it's a truck, car, or even a boat! On the other hand if you don't need all that power but enough power to quickly dry a mid-sized vehicle that's smaller and more lightweight than the AIR-RS is the perfect dryer for you! While it has slightly less power than the AIR-GT it is more maneuverable. The AIR-RS is a little easier to control and better at getting into tighter spaces. Now if you have a smaller car or a motorcycle, you'll probably want either the AIR-RS or the AIR-S depending on if you really want to get into the nooks and crannies of the vehicle versus a quicker dry time. For a quicker dry time, the more powerful AIR-RS is definitely the way to go. However, smaller vehicles are harder to dry sometimes. The AIR-S is perfect for driving out water from every vent, grille, mirror, or hiding spot on cars.

What makes BLO car dryers better than the competition?

Price and performance. BLO's car dryers have the highest specs on the market with lower prices than its competitors. Our tech is constantly getting reviewed and innovated with the best car drying technology in the industry. Compare with the MasterBlaster which costs more with shorter hoses and has had no real improvements for the last 15 years.

Do you have a dryer best suited for motorcycles?

Both the AIR-RS and AIR-S are best suited for Motorcycles. However, for smaller bikes the AIR-S is easier to maneuver and target all those tight crevices due to it's design. Ideal for safely and easily drying motorcycles, bikes, and driving out water from every vent, grille, mirror, or hiding spot on cars.

Is it bad to air dry your car?

Air drying your car with a car blower is the best way to dry your car because it is touchless. Every single time you touch the paint with a towel, the surface level contact creates light swirl marks that are invisible at first. Over time, these swirls get worse over time. When you air dry your car, there is no contact and definitely no repetitive abrasions that can damage your paint job. However, allowing your car to naturally air dry means minerals in the water will be left on the paint’s surface. At the very least, you’ll end up with water spots that can be hard to remove. If you ignore these water spots and continue onto other steps, however, there’s a chance you will scratch your paint.

What are the advantages of air drying your car?

Air drying your car has a lot of advantages over towel drying or natural drying. First, if you just let the water dry on your car naturally, you will get water marks and smudges. Basically, it looks like your car just got rained on the other day instead of getting a nice detailing. On the other hand, towel drying puts redundant pressure on your car's paint job which will get damaged over time. Air drying your vehicle is the best way to dry your car by providing a touchless dry without the smudges. Car dryers also have the advantage of being able to target the small crevasses that are hard to reach. Oftentimes cars will look dry but have water dripping out once it starts moving and creating water smears. Car dryers allow you to fully dry your car without making you worry about hidden pools of water in the cracks.

Is it better to air dry or towel dry your car?

Air drying usually means just letting the water dry on your car without a blower or a towel. This is not recommended. When water just dries on its own, the minerals in the water will be left behind on the surface of the car. That's why a lot of older cars that weren't preserved in garages have those blotches for water damage and sun damage. Towel drying is definitely better than natural air drying but the problem is that the quality of the towel needs to be pristine. A damaged towel will scratch your car. Further, the circular pressure of towel drying will slowly damage your paint job in the long run.

What's the best way to properly dry a car after washing?

The best way to properly dry a car after washing is with a car blower. There is no risk of swirling or scratching your car like towel drying. Even with good technique and quality car dryer towels you can damage your paint job. It is much better to use a touchless car dryer. If you have a high quality paint job we really recommend applying a layer of hydrophobic protections like ceramic coating and using your blower to blast the water off with minimal effort and zero damage.

What types of car dryers are available?

There are a variety of car dryers that are available on the market. The biggest thing to consider is total power which controls the amount of air pressure. The air temperature of the car blower is also a crucial variable which helps the speed of drying your car safely. The size of the blower is also important to consider depending on the size of your vehicle. Smaller blowers are much more portable and this can make it easier to reach tighter areas on your vehicle like between the grill.