AIR-GT Car Dryer Blower


AIR-GT is one of the most powerful Car Dryers featuring twin motors that offer 8HP. This blower scares water away, offering the fastest dryer time blasting water off surfaces for a touch-less dry. Ideally for cars, bikes, boats, and anything you need to dry fast, this large BLO comes with a swiveling wheelbase and a super-long hose over 26’(8M) to cover plenty of areas. Both the round and flat silicone nozzles, along with all connectors, are included.

Product Specs

  • 8HP via Twin Motors
  • 61,500 FPM
  • Super Long 26’/ 8M Hose
  • Variable Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 16’ / 5M Power Cord
  • 3 Year Warranty*
    • Availability: In Stock


    Most swirl marks and scratches happen during the car drying process. By using forced, warm, filtered air to dry your car you have zero chance of scratching the finish with a drying towel. Blo's car blow dryers provide an expert finish perfect for cars, trucks, boats, RV's, motorcycles, and more. With touchless car drying, vehicle owners can achieve a professional quality dry system that both compact and effective.


    There is nothing worse than perfectly cleaning your car only to have the mirrors, trim, and emblems drip water the second you drive away. By using the BLO Car Dryer you can easily blast water out from behind these tricky areas and keep the car looking its best. Complete drying systems are important for maintenance on your vehicle, as well. Leftover moisture in hard-to-reach areas can cause rust and other problems to emerge. With a professional automotive blow dryer, rest assured that you can achieve a completely dry car from top to bottom. No more drips or moisture.


    The BLO Car Dryer was specifically designed based on the every day needs of both "Do It Yourself" Detailing Enthusiasts, as well as, the Professional Detailer. The variable air speed control, extra long hose, rolling wheel base, and long power cord make for a fantastic tool to add to any detailing arsenal. Pro blow car dryers can help you get that expert detail for the ultimate clean finish. With concentrated air flow, professional and novice detailers can access directional control for a quality clean. Hand held car dryers are also easy to maneuver and use, making them perfect for any business or personal garage.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Louis DeBenedictis

    Hose connection flimsy. For the dollar’s really sub par. I can’t see it standing up to normal wear and

    Kevin Zhu
    Great product!!!

    Really revolutionary product, glad i ordered it, no more towels for drying

    Jose Arrizon
    Eh, not as strong

    The $109 blower is stronger than this. I bought a $80 chemical guys blower and even that’s stronger than this. Too bad mine stopped working after a year right after the warranty ended. The wires started to open apart and eventually created an ark and fried the dryer.

    I would recommend the air S over this.

    Hello, Jose
    I'm terribly sorry to hear about your experience with the Air-GT. This is not the experience we like our customers to have, and definitely doesn't sound right for the Air-GT. Please reach out to us at and I'd be happy to look into this and do what we can to take care of you.
    All The Best,
    BLO Car Dryer

    Salem a Al-buainain

    AIR-GT Car Dryer Blower

    Best Blo I’ve ever had!

    It’s compact size is perfect for our mobile units. Easy to handle. Stepped up our drying game for sure. If I could change anything, I’d make it stationary in our vans, thus making the hose stretch to 50’, I think if you guys ever reinvent the wheel, put a Mobile Detailer in mind. I’d love to see this hose on a reel but still extend as it does to 50’. Other than that, keep blowing!