Best Air Blower for Car Cleaning

Choosing the best air blower for car cleaning is a very important decision. Your car is a valuable investment and an extension of your personality, so it’s important to take care of it. Knowing what to compare when it comes to choosing the best air blower for car cleaning is the crucial first step.

How Do Air Blowers Work?

Any car enthusiast will undoubtedly understand the importance of washing their car, to both preserve their investment as well as make the car look great! However, the last step of washing a car, the drying process, is often overlooked. This is a shame because this step has the potential to have extremely harmful consequences. What all car owners should know is that drying your car with a towel or cloth has the potential to scratch your car. It doesn’t matter how soft the item you are using to dry your car, scratching is always a possibility. That’s why an air blower, as the name suggests, blows the beads of remaining water off your car with no actual contact to the car itself. That’s why an air blower for car cleaning is the best way to prevent any potential damage or scratching to your vehicle.

Can I Use a Leaf Blower for Car Cleaning?

Now that you know an air dryer is the best way to dry your car after cleaning, you might be wondering if you could just use the old lead blower you have in the garage? While some leaf blowers could be used to dry a car, it is far from the ideal method and there are many potential drawbacks of lead blowers when compared to a dedicated car air blower.

Best Air Blower for Car Cleaning

Con 1: Lack of Precision

Leaf blowers are designed to blow yard debris out of your yard, not gently dry a freshly washed car. If you use a leaf blower to dry your car, you run the risk of blowing up a lot of dust and debris, which will then stick to your car. If this occurs you will have to start the whole car cleaning process over again, only angrier this time because you did not invest in a proper air blower for car cleaning. Additionally, the large nozzles that come with leaf blowers don’t lend themselves to being very precise. You could find that you’ll struggle to control the airflow direction, which isn’t ideal when trying to dry water beads off your car.

Con 2: Noise

Everybody knows the frustration of being woken up at 7:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning by an overzealous neighbor getting an early start to their weekend chores. There’s no way around it, leaf blowers are loud and very annoying. In comparison, most car air blowers tend to be significantly quieter than a leaf blower, which is a significant advantage for the entire neighborhood!

Con 3: You Can Scratch Your Car

This con goes back to the fact that leaf blowers simply aren’t designed to dry cars. If you’re not careful and inadvertently hit your paintwork, the large, unwieldy hose can cause scratching to your car. Lead blowers are often heavy, bulky, and we’ve seen many people scratch their cars trying to use a leaf blower for car cleaning.

What To Look For In An Air Blower

There are many different car air blowers on the market and each one of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, there are many multiple features that some air blowers come with that may or may not be helpful. Here, we’ve compiled some aspects that are important to consider when deciding when choosing the best air blower for car cleaning.

Car Cleaning Air Blower

Hose Length and Attachments

Two important aspects to consider when deciding what the best air blower for your car is are the hose length and attachments. The longer your air blower’s air hose, the easier it is to use. You won’t have to deal with constantly rolling your air blower around your car, bike, truck, or motorcycle. Additionally, different hose attachments will also help you precisely control the air flow to dry harder-to-reach places, such as wheels or underneath car handles. 

Power (FPM)

Obviously, the power of an air blower is an extremely important aspect to consider. An air blower’s power, measured in feet per minute (FPM), is a great indicator of how quickly and efficiently it will dry your vehicle. Top-of-the line air blowers will usually operate at at least 57,000 FPM. The Blo Air-GT, our personal favorite, has an impressive maximum of 61,500 FPM, but also comes with a variable adjustment knob to control the airflow.


There are multiple aspects that impact an air blower’s maneuverability. The first is one that we’ve already discussed, the length of the hose. The second aspect that is important to know is the length of your air blower’s extension cord. A longer cord could save you from having to unplug and replug it multiple times and make sure you can get the right angle when you are blow drying your vehicle. Additionally, you should be aware of your blower’s weight and whether or not it comes with wheels. While these might seem like simple things to consider, they make a huge difference when it comes to maneuverability.


As with every purchase, price is an important consideration. As all car owners know, cars can be extremely expensive to maintain and repair. The cost of quality care car equipment will often be offset by the maintained value of the vehicle. Blo offers three different air blowers at three different price points: Our top-of-the line Blo Air-GT, our compact yet still extremely effective Air-RS, and our budget-friendly handheld Air-S. 

Blo Air-GT: Unparalleled Excellence

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best air blower for your car, look no further than the Blo Air-GT. Compared to the Metro Master-Blaster, another high end air blower, the Air-GT has a few key advantages. The Air-GT’s 61,500 maximum FPM dwarfs the Master-Blaster’s 58,500 maximum. Additionally, the Air-GT automatically heats the air temperature by 30 degrees fahrenheit, leading to a quicker, yet still safe and precise dry. When you factor in that the Air-GT is $100 dollars cheaper than the Metro Master-Blaster, the choice is obvious.

Additionally, the Air-GT comes with many other user-friendly features. The Air-GT comes with a swiveling wheel base, a super-long 26ft (8m) air hose, a wind speed dial to control the air flow, and last but not least, a soft rubber nose tip to ensure that even if you get a little too close to your car, you won’t leave any scratching. 

All of these fantastic features in a well-priced model make the Blo Air-GT the best air blower for car cleaning on the market. Moreover, you can use the Air-GT on trucks, ATV’s, dirt bikes, motorcycles, boats, or anything else that you need to dry quickly.

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