Best Way to Dry a Car Without Scratching

Many people have had their car washed, and dried only to find that their paint job was damaged. Automatic car washes are notorious for scratching cars with their overused dryers that often have wire stems covered in fabric. Professional auto detailers and true car enthusiasts always believe the best way to dry a car without scratching is by using a car dryer blower. If you care about keeping your car in the best condition possible, free from scratches, and looking new, Blo Car Dryers are an affordable solution.

What is a Car Dryer Blower?

Picture a very powerful hair dryer that is specifically designed to dry the surfaces of your vehicle. That’s the most simplified definition of a car dryer blower. They are engineered to blast water from your vehicle and simply put, the best way to dry a car without scratching it. Vehicle's are expensive investments and trying to retain their value as best as possible is the responsibility of any car owner. The value of maintaining a scratch-free exterior on your vehicle far offsets the cost of one of our BLO car dryer blowers.

Here are some of the key features of our car dryers:

Touchless Drying  -  No Marring or Swirls  -  Filtered Heated Air  -  Clean Fast Drying  -  No More Drips  -  Keeps Paint Job Pristine

Best Way to Dry a Car Without Scratching

Naturally Air Drying Your Car is a Mistake

When it comes to letting your car dry, some people might think, why not just let the sun and wind do their jobs? Nature won't physically touch your car and scratch it like a microfiber towel. Well, the problem is that when you allow your car to air dry, residue gets left on your vehicle’s surface.

Your home water source, the water used in car washes, and even the most natural water in the world, always contain minerals. These don’t evaporate when your vehicle is allowed to air dry. Sure, the liquid eventually disappears. But, it leaves behind spots, unsightly streaks, and chemical deposits. These can leave your precious automobile looking even worse than before you washed it. All that wash time and money might be wasted.

You will notice what is left behind especially if you have a dark finish on your vehicle. When the sun shines, it reveals all the imperfections left on the surface.

It’s not just aesthetics you need to worry about. Depending on your water source, the deposits can also harm your paint job. Some compounds that are left in the wake of an air-dry job will degrade the paint. It won’t happen overnight. But, gradually, you will see calcium or minerals compounds fade, pit, and otherwise ruin the surface of your car.

Not to mention wind picks up dust and debris from whatever is in the air and will get stuck on your freshly washed car. Proper car dryers will filter the air that it is pushing out and remove any particles that can either damage your paint job or make it dirty again.

Fastest Way To Dry a Car

Can I Use a Hair Dryer?

Simply put, hair dryers we're not designed for drying the surface of your vehicle. Depending on the heat setting, they can often harm the paint. Hair dryers may also blow dust onto the surface and the plastic and/or metal in a hairdryer may even scratch the surface. In addition, to causing potential damage, using a hair dryer may cause water to evaporate quickly leaving water spots.

Another thing to consider is that using a hair dryer around an area where there is a lot of water may be hazardous for the operator. Hair dryers also use a lot of electricity and if you need to run one for several minutes, it may be costly and not very eco-friendly.

What matters is using the right tool that was made for the job. Hair dryers are specifically designed to dry hair without damaging your hair. Leaf blowers were designed to blow away leaves on the ground. Car dryers were designed to be the best way to dry a car without scratching or damaging your paint job quickly.

Pros of Purchasing a Car Air Dryer

Preserves Paint: One of the obvious reasons for choosing to use a car air dryer is that it saves the paint surface of your vehicle. No one wants to see an eye-catching, high-end paint job destroyed by failure to remove mineral or calcium deposits from your car’s surface. 

Avoids Abrasions: When the source of the drying does not touch the paint surface there is less chance of scratching or abrasions that can appear with the best of intentions and the softest drying cloths.

Aesthetics: Depending on the sun and the wind to air dry your car is as environmentally friendly as hanging that wash on the line. But, it is not uncommon for water spots and streaks to be left behind. Moreover, even the softest towels can’t avoid swirl marks in the hands of the most meticulous human dryer. Unfortunately, those swirls will get worse every time you towel dry your vehicle. 
Hot air causes water to seep out of crevices you can’t reach with towel drying. These drops will streak down the side of your car.

Materials Saving: When you use a car air dryer, you aren’t using paper consumables. You are also not generating extra washing because of fiber clothes and car rags. Once you purchase your car air dryer, that’s all you’re going to need.

Eco-Friendly: Once you’ve purchased a car air dryer, you need no other disposable or washable materials. This saves on materials, laundry soaps, and electricity for your washer and dryer.

Vehicle Investment: Car air dryers get at those areas that get wet during hand or machine car washes but cannot be reached by the sun or by hand drying. These areas can become rusted or otherwise compromised if they are not dried. Your vehicle is an asset. You need to ensure it is kept in mint condition. Blower For Car Cleaning

Photo by Steve Freling of Motor Oomph

Is Getting a Blower to Dry a Car Worth it?

If you care about your car, the answer is always yes! You have a lot of money invested in your vehicle. Using the air dryer assures a touch-free dry job. This means you avoid swirl marks, scratches, or abrasions on your car’s expensive surfaces. Blasting water out of those hard-to-reach crevices and off the vehicle’s surfaces means you have done a more thorough job than hand toweling and will absolutely keep your car looking more pristine than any other method of drying.

Why Choose BLO Car Dryers?

BLO car dyers are the best way to dry a car without scratching, bar none. The warm-filtered air is safe for your car and the operator and our customers love them!

Non-contact drying ensures you won’t get swirls, abrasions, or scratches on your paint. Toweling—no matter how soft the cloth—can’t do that. 

It doesn't matter if you are a serious car collector, professional driver, or just a casual driver with a common car used for commuting, BLO Car Dryers come in a model that is just right for your car care needs. Also, if you’re a professional detailer or a simply a novice car cleaner, we’ve got just what you need for your shop.

All our customers agree that our car dryers absolutely BLO away the competition when it comes to the best way to dry a car without scratching it and maintaining the value of your vehicle. So what are you waiting for? Contact BLO today for any questions about our products.

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