How To Clean PPF

Paint Protection Film is the latest and greatest investment for your vehicle, with exceptional protective properties for every vehicle. Not only does it protect against physical and chemical damage, but it also ensures that your car stays looking slick. Learning how to clean PPF is always straightforward, but doing so regularly can help ensure its longevity.

For PPF to offer maximum protection, it needs to be maintained and taken care of properly to remove contaminants, tar, and water spots. To provide guidance, this article will give you the best PPF cleaning process using the most effective Gyeon Quartz products.

Stick with us, and we’ll give you the low-down on how to clean PPF properly and keep it looking fresh from day one. 

how to clean paint protection film

How to Wash and Maintain Car With A PPF

Paint protection film, or PPF, frequently gets contaminants in it. Having a dedicated wash and system to help maintain PPF is critical. In the washing procedure, be sure you understand the products and their application process, which we will help you out with below. To clean we are using the following products:

PPF, sometimes referred to as a clear bra, is a durable film that can be applied to a vehicle’s surface. It helps to keep your car looking better for longer, offering defense against daily damage to your car, reducing harm from the sun, and protecting against rocks and road debris. Knowing how to clean PPF can be found here.

Stage One

Step 1: Wash

To get started, grab a bucket full of 10 to 15 liters of warm water. Add 15 to 20ml of the Q2M PPF Wash and mix the solution. To give you an idea of how much this would be, a single pump of the Q2M PPF Wash is between 1.2 and 1.5ml, so about 10 pumps is an ample amount to get started. You can also add 2 to 3 additional pumps to your wash pad. Saturate the pad with the product until you have a lather consistency and then start washing each area thoroughly. Follow a crisscross motion for maximum efficiency in removing debris.

The goal is to remove contaminants from PPF for maximum performance of your PPF. Small time: crisscross motions help to offer more cleaning power without surface impact. If you’re unsure, wash your car in sections, rise in sections rather than doing it all at once.

Step 2: Rinse

After washing the car, rinse it to remove any excess debris that has been left behind. For maximum results, wash and rinse the car in sections. Take your time going over each area.

Step 3: Dry

Once you’ve thoroughly rinsed the car, it’s time to start drying. Start by getting your silk dryer. When you have your hydrophobicity back, drying is really easy. All you need to do is drop the silk dryer onto sections of the car and pull it away slowly. Repeat this motion on different areas until the surface is dry.

Step 4: Maintenance

Just like paint, maintenance on PPF is equally important. Grab your Q2M PPF Maintain. Either spray a couple of spritzes directly onto the car or a microfiber wipe, this part really just comes down to personal preference. As you take your microfibre wipe and run it over the PPF, it should feel super slick. You can repeat this process along the side panels as well. Now you should be left with a clean and maintained PPF and you’re ready to drive. 

how to maintain ppf

Stage Two: Additional PPF Cleaning

Step 5: Tar Deposit Removal 

On PPF you can tar depositos on tires, but it’s really important not to spray directly on PPF nor should you let it sit too long.

When you’re ready to remove tar deposits, take your silk dryer and spray a small amount of Gyeon Quartz Q2M Tar on it. Rub it into the PPF letting it sit only for a couple of seconds and then rub it off and rinse it immediately.

Step 6: Water Spot Removal

If you still have debris left after washing and maintenance, it’s time to use Q2M PPF Renew. Apply a small amount of Q2M PPF Renew to a polisher or finish pad and work it in slowly. Once complete, you should be left with a clean and slick car that is free of contaminants, debris, water spots, and tar. With a new lease of life, your car is ready to go and take on the world.

how to clean paint protection film 

What's Special About Gyeon Products?

Q2M PPF Wash

Our Q2M PPF Wash is a dedicated decontamination shampoo that contains a product that works to remove iron deposits from PPF, any automotive film, and paint. It works by dissolving the iron deposits. Don’t worry if you do have any iron particles on your PPF as a good PPF contains self-healing properties and a couple of iron particles won’t be a big deal. The main goal of the washing process is to remove the contaminants from the PPF to ensure maximum performance of the PPF’s hydrophobicity.

Q2M PPF Maintain

Our Q2M PPF Maintain is a silica-based maintenance spray sealant designed for both glossy and matte PPF and vinyl wraps. This product is designed to boost hydrophobicity to keep your PPF as slick as possible. Q2M PPF Maintain is an all-rounder and can be used on plastic and windscreen. Its advanced ceramic technology offers friendly characteristics and its formula doesn’t leave streaks even if you over spray.

Q2M PPF Renew

Q2M PPF Renew is the perfect solution to removing stubborn debris and contamination. It contains a combination of light abrasive particles that have protected and repellent additives. This works to create a UV-resistant effect that works to remove haze whilst maintaining a smooth and slick finish. It’s also a great machine polisher that works well on polishing pads. But where it really stands out is that it’s great for removing water spotting and etching.

Extra Tips

Pay attention to panel temperature

If you have a black car or you’re in a warmer climate and you’re not sure about what temperature you should wash your car in, it’s advised that you wash and rinse your car in sections so that you can see the result of each wash as you go.


To store the product after use, ensure that pumps are closed and lids are secure. Keep the products stored in a cool, dry, and dark place for maximum protection.

PPF Care & Final Dry

So there you have it, this list of exceptional care products in combination with a comprehensive cleaning process will give you clean, slick, and maintained PPF. For the ultimate finish, try Blo car dryer options for a complete dry and streak-free aftercare.

Taking the time to effectively care for your PPF will ensure longevity and a consistently exceptional finish. Each of the products listed is uniquely designed to clean, renew and restore PPF to a great standard. Made from advanced technology and offering highly effective properties, maintaining PPF has never been easier.

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