How To Dry Car After Detailing

The greatest success in automotive detailing is providing an enthusiastic customer with a spotless finished product. To achieve professional results, it’s critical to provide meticulous services. One of the most important factors in car detailing is careful attention to detail at every stage, with drying a car being one of the most crucial. If a car is not properly dried, streaks and spots are almost inevitable. Here are some pointers on how to dry car after detailing. 

Importance of Detailing a Vehicle

Cars, regardless of make or model, are a sizable investment. Detailing your car can be one of the best ways to protect that investment for years to come. In fact, routinely polishing, waxing, and cleaning your vehicle can ensure that the exterior and interior stays pristine. It can also increase the value of a car when it comes to trading it in or making a sale later.

According to Carwise, annual professional detailing can boost the market value of your vehicle by up to 15%, depending upon the make, year and overall condition. Without question, auto detailing increases your car’s worth, especially when it’s over five years old.

Detailing a car is not always a simple undertaking, but it is in high demand. There are vital points to consider when it comes to the wear and tear of your vehicle, and products that can help ensure it’s long-term protection. Below are some factors to consider.

car drying after detailing

1) Detailing Protects Painted Surfaces

A typical car wash goes only so far. A thorough detailing will remove tough stains and blemishes, plus keeps interior and exterior looking pristine. Detailing the exterior will make your car look brand new. Detailing restores your car’s gloss.

Detailing often delays or avoids a costly new paint job. Paint doesn’t fade as quickly if it receives regular detailing. The detailer uses detergents and degreasers to remove dirt, grease, and blemishes from the paint, the windows, tires, wheels, and rims

2) Detailing Promotes Good Health

Unseen, your vehicle carries millions of potentially harmful creatures. Left in a grimy car, things like germs, bacteria, and other allergens live and multiply.

Dirt, dust, and other debris allow germs to circulate. When your vehicle is detailed, vacuuming and using sterile wipes remove these unwanted particles and kill germs. Those who suffer from colds or allergies will notice how much better they feel in a thoroughly cleaned vehicle.

3) Detailing Helps Maintain Your Car’s Resale Value

One of the considerations when attaching a resale value to a vehicle is how good it looks inside and out. Just as you’d put your best foot forward when meeting the in-laws or going on a job interview, you want prospective owners to see your vehicle at its best. Regular detailing will ensure your car isn’t coated with dirt and grime or laced with stains. A clean appearance inside and out can will Increase your vehicle’s resale value by a considerable amount. It will also speed up the sale time.

4) Detailing Reflects on You Personally and Professionally

Your car is a reflection of you, and others may form some of their impressions of you depending on how your car looks. Colleagues, bosses, friends, relatives, and neighbors make judgments about you when they look at your vehicle. If your car is covered in dirt or full of fast-food wrappers it creates a negative impression.

how to dry car after detailing

The Importance of Drying after Detailing

It’s equally important to make sure your vehicle is properly dried after it is detailed. Many experts will insist that drying is the most important part of a car wash,

If you’ve spent a lot of time or money on detailing the exterior of your car, you don’t want unsightly streaks or water stains to mar the appearance of your just-cleaned vehicle.

Drying removes any water that could lie in areas and create rust. Some of the compounds in the water and the cleaning products can get left on the surface of your car. If these aren’t removed by drying, over time they can degrade your car’s costly paint job. The calcium and minerals could ruin your car’s surface.

How to Dry Car After Detailing

There is an art to drying your car after it has been washed. You need the right materials and an effective drying technique.

Using the wrong drying technique or abrasive materials might negatively affect the time and money you spent washing your car.

In their rush to get finished, many don’t allow time for the vehicle to drip dry first.

Take a few minutes before drying. This will also give you time to assemble your drying tools. Drip-drying allows natural runoff to occur before you proceed with drying.

Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. This prevents water that is higher up from dripping down to where you’ve already dried.

>Be sure to dry the cracks, crevasses, and contours. Water hides there and will drip out later. It may also cause rust. This area is an important task for hot air dryers. Learning how to dry car after detailing takes practice and careful attention to detail.

Why Using a Hot Air Dryer is Important

For professional auto detailing and a spotless finish, the right tools are essential. When it comes to drying a car, hot air dryers can be among the most effective tools. 

Gone are the days of mostly metal exterior car surfaces. The majority of modern cars are made up of plastic and aluminum. A hot air dryer can achieve just the right level of drying temperature for automotive parts that are largely manufactured from plastic resins. The strength, stability, and longevity of your car’s exterior are prolonged by precise drying with hot air dryers made for this specific purpose.

One of the major benefits of these tools is that hot air dryers can get into those nooks and crannies that hand drying can’t reach.

how to dry a car after detailing

Why Choose a BLO Car Dryer?

With the best of intentions, most detailers cause scratches and swirl marks while drying a vehicle. With newer technology provided by Blo Car Dryer, vehicle owners can eliminate the chance of scratching the finish that often occurs with abrasive drying cloths or poor drying techniques. BLO dryers come with conveniences that include an extra-long hose for reaching all around your vehicle. They also have adjustable airspeed.

With a BLO dryer, you can dry the exterior glass areas of your car at the same time as you are drying the paint surfaces. This ensures that water spots won’t accumulate on the glass while you are drying the rest of the exterior.

How Does This Auto Detailing Product Work?

BLO Car Dryers use high-pressure air at just the right temperature for your car’s surface. They get your vehicle dry to a perfect shine without drips, spots, swirls, scratching, or marring your car’s surface. The temperature and airflow are also ideal for drying those hard-to-reach contours and crevasses.

The twin high-power electric motors will ramp up to eight horsepower for quick movement of water on large panels of your vehicle. Designed by professional detailers, BLO dryers are user-friendly for both do-it-yourselfers and those in the business of detailing.

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