Unboxing the BLO Car Dryer AIR-GT

Alright! So you’re ready to take a closer look at this car dryer. The BLO Car Dryer AIR-GT is one of the most feature-packed and powerful tools on the market. It uses a dual motor power plant that runs on 110 volts of electricity through a minimum of a 15 amp fuse. It has an adjustable airspeed nozzle that you can dial down when you don’t want to blow the water in the mirror all over the side of the car or dial-up when you want to blast the water across the hood. It comes with a 26-foot air hose and a 16-foot power cord so you’ll rarely need to move the machine around. But when you do, it has four wheels to handle the rolling duties. Let's open it up!

Cut the tape holding the top of the box closed and open the flaps. Inside you’ll find your BLO AIR-GT safely packed inside.

Pull the contents out of the box and you’ll find:

  • The AIR-GT main tube and power unit
  • The 26-foot Air Hose
  • (2) Air Nozzles
  • A spare Rubber O Ring
  • The User Manual

Now you might find yourself standing there and scratching your head, saying “that air hose sure doesn’t look 26 feet long”. Well, trust in me, when the air moves through that hose the first time and it expands fully you’ll reconsider that thought and see just how far away you can get from the machine with that hose.

You’ll also see a spare rubber O Ring. This O Ring is a replacement if needed for the ring either in the Air Nozzle’s themselves or the ring that helps seal the Air Hose with the Power Unit. Keep this somewhere safe for future use.

Now let's put the pieces together. Getting the BLO Car Dryer AIR-GT ready for use is very simple. First, attach the Air Hose to the Power Unit using the twist connector attached. Line up the cutout and insert the Air Hose coupler into the Power Unit. Now twist clockwise to tighten.

Next, attach the Air Nozzle of your choice to the other end of the Air Hose. Follow the same protocol as before, lining up the insert and twisting tight.

When it is time to clean out your Air Filter, simply remove the end cap of the Power Unit and remove the air filter.

Find the nearest 110v outlet for the 16-foot power cord and plug it in. We recommend a 20 amp fuse, but 15 will usually do it.

You’ve got a nice big power switch for easy On/Off duties and an adjustable airspeed dial which will give you tons of airflow when you need it over large flat areas and a nice gentle push when drying small intricate areas.

If you need to move the machine around, you’ve got four swiveling and locking wheel assembly’s on which to do it.

Now get BLO Drying!

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