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A consistent wash schedule for your motorcycle can help extend its lifespan, not to mention keep it looking fresh for the ‘gram. In a world dominated by social media, we understand that a clean ride is not just for maintenance purposes. Unlike cars that primarily keep their parts tucked away and hidden from the elements, motorcycles leave many mechanical parts exposed to the road’s detrimental filth of debris, dust, road salts, and more. Protecting your investment is essential to keeping it in a top shape. However, many motorcycle owners neglect the drying details for their bikes. The best motorcycle air dryer provides protection in multiple ways. Learn more below. 

For the industry’s leading equipment for car and motorcycle air dryers, BLO has what you need. Our easy-to-use, best motorcycle air dryer products are perfect for keeping your motorcycle looking clean and fresh.

how to properly dry motorcyclePurpose Of A Motorcycle Air Dryer

Like air dryers for larger vehicles, motorcycle air dryers blow warm or hot air onto your machine. Air dryers not only dry the surface area without leaving streaks, drips, or smudges, they also do so without any danger of abrasions to that expensive paint job. Additionally, the best motorcycle air dryer options provide a detail to care for that also protects the mechanical parts of your machine

Many motorcycle owners fail to recognize the importance of drying out any water to ensure expensive parts are not only clean, but also void of any excess moisture that builds up and causes other issues. 

Why Detail Your Motorcycle?

Car enthusiasts and truckers who hold their rig in high regard often have them professionally detailed. They want their vehicles to look the best inside and out. They also want to avoid the buildup of rust and other corrosives on the surface of their vehicle. It’s definitely not a bad way to protect your investment, as vehicles can cause a hefty bill. 

Bikes are not just coveted possessions. For one, they are a major expenditure and some see them as a little less than a necessity. Of course, there are motorcycle enthusiasts that take care of their equipment and work to preserve their condition, even if it means getting a little dirty in a do-it-yourself wash project. Others who ride with you or see you passing by readily note a well-maintained motorcycle with a shining painted surface. Your shiny motorcycle is a source of pride. It is also the sign of a responsible biker. If you are planning to trade your bike, one that looks sharp commands top dollar. In other words, it’s wise to spend a little time providing TLC to your motorcycle. 

Perhaps the most important part of detailing is a thorough drying not just of the motorcycle’s surface but also of the nooks and crevasses.

Detailing your motorcycle also helps locate issues that could well become problems while you are on the road. When washing and air drying your bike, you may notice such potential problems as worn cable housings. A careful wash and dry may also pinpoint dry, cracked, or rotting tires. You may also note oil seepage from the valve covers. Pinpointing these problems and fixing them saves breakdowns while you are on the road.

Advantages of Using a Motorcycle Dryer

There are several advantages of using a motorcycle air dryer:

Detailing experts maintain that drying is the most important step in washing your motorcycle. Using an air dryer designed for use with motorcycles avoids unsightly streaks or watermarks. Avoid the following mistakes:

- Towel drying your bike can harm its appearance. 
- Drying clothes may leave scratch marks on your bike’s expensive paint surface.

    On the other hand, air drying with warm or hot air will remove any water that’s lying in those hard-to-reach areas. Towel drying often can’t get to these places. If they are left unattended, rust and other buildup may develop.

    Water and washing products can stay on your motorcycle if it is simply left to dry in the air and sun. These accumulations of calcium and other elements will cause your painted surfaces to fade. They may even ruin your bike’s paint. Repainting is both time-consuming and expensive. According to NadaGuides, a regular paint job on a motorcycle can range from $300 to $1,600. 

    Every task involving motorcycle maintenance requires appropriate tools. Warm and hot air dryers are ideal for doing a professional job of cleaning your motorcycle’s surface. Effective motorcycle air dryers allow you to select the right drying temperature for the various parts of your bike. Select from only the best motorcycle air dryer options available. 

    best motorcycle air dryer

    Features of the Best Motorcycle Dryer

    Many effective air dryers are very heavy and cumbersome. They also take up a lot of room. Owners of these air dryers often stop using them because they are just too much trouble to carry and store. 

    Portable motorcycle dryers are handheld tools. When not in use, they hang on a tool wall taking up little room. Motorcycle riders frequently go out on longer runs. For them, the fact that a portable motorcycle dryer can be transported easily in the motorcycle’s storage space for use anywhere is definitely a huge bonus.

    Even though they are lightweight and portable these air dryers have the power to reach the out-of-the-way nooks and crannies of your bike. The best motorcycle dryer is one that is ready for those quick wash and dry jobs while you’re on the road.

    Choose a BLO: Best Motorcycle Air Dryer

    While all BLO Car Dryers are efficient, many are larger, less maneuverable, and take up room in your garage or workshop. Of course, they can be used on motorcycles, bikes, and even small watercraft.

    However, the best motorcycle air dryer is the AIR-S handheld portable motorcycle dryer. It is easy to operate, compact, and has a convenient ergonomically designed handle. Make no mistake about it! Although the AIR-S Portable Dryer is small, it has all the power you will need to do a professional job of drying all the surfaces and recesses of your bike. The AIR-S is the most powerful handheld portable dryer on the market.

    motorcycle air dryer

    Best Feature of AIR-S BLO Motorcycle Dryer

    The AIR-S is powered by a one-and-a-half horsepower motor. This little dynamo provides 21,899 FPM. With twin air speed control, the AIR-S gives bikers just the right amount of warm filtered air to dry every inch of your motorcycle’s surface. A convenient sixteen-foot power cord affords the ease of getting around your bike for quick, thorough, streak-free drying.

    The AIR-S Portable Dryer is the best motorcycle air dryer. It is the ideal tool for drying motorcycles. Its three nozzles allow bike owners to drive water safely out of every vent, mirror, wheel, crack, or crevasse on the motorcycle.

    Other Points to Note:

    - Customers who originally bought BLO dryers’ larger models, the RS and GT, are delighted with the AIR-S because it doesn’t take up as much space. It can also be handled more easily.
    - The AIR-S, forces air in a straight line, making it more efficient than the RS and the GT which force air from the bottom. With the AIR-S portable BLO dryer, you can accomplish all the tasks formerly handled by the RS and the GT. The AIR-S will competently dry exterior glass, paint, mirrors, tires, plastic, and chrome areas. What this means for motorcycle enthusiasts is accessibility and proper care for all of the exposed parts found on their bikes. 
    - The AIR-S, like the larger BLO Air Dryers, uses high-pressure heat settings for your motorcycle’s various surfaces. If you are looking for a powerful, efficient, lightweight air dryer that travels with you and takes up little space, the AIR-S portable handheld air dryer is an excellent choice. Another plus is that, at under a hundred dollars, it is very affordable.

      Like all BLO Dryers, the AIR-S comes with a money-back, unconditional, one-year guarantee.

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