Best Way to Wash Ceramic Coated Car

Forget worrying about that “new car smell,” we all know that the best way to keep your ride looking brand new is to take care of the exterior.

From using the best paint, to applying a ceramic coating, and even parking strategically - is there any length to which you wouldn’t go to keep your car exterior looking pristine?

Don’t forget about giving that baby of yours a car wash on a regular basis! An often overlooked fact about vehicle exteriors is that regular washing (done correctly) is the most effective way to keep them in good shape for the long term. So, what’s the best way to wash ceramic coated car?

Best Way to Wash Ceramic Coated Car

Why Put A Ceramic Coating On A Car

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to clean ceramic coated car, you need to understand what it is and why your car needs it.

Gone are the days when you should go wax your car. Why? Wax can protect your paint and make everything look new and shiny, but it doesn’t last long. There’s a reason you’ve heard so many people saying they’re about to go do that. You have to do it constantly!

But you definitely don’t want to leave your paint job exposed to the elements. That’s where ceramic coating comes in. It essentially forms a hard, protective shell around your exterior. It looks shiny and nice, it lasts a long time, and it makes other drivers jealous.

The one thing it doesn’t do is allow you to stop washing. You still need to wash your vehicle regularly, and you need to follow the best way to wash ceramic coated car.

Best Way To Clean Ceramic Coated Car

Everyone from pros to DIY enthusiasts should be putting a ceramic coating on their car, but what’s the best way to clean ceramic coated car? Aim to wash it every two weeks - but this can change slightly depending on the climate and time of year.

Surprisingly, the best way to wash ceramic coated car (or any car, for that matter) is by hand washing with a touchless method at home.

Why not use an automatic car wash? Here are some key reasons:

  • Automatic car wash with brushes: This method aggressively rubs brushes all over your exterior, and you have no control over whether or not they have any kind of grit or other substances on them. In some cases, it’s comparable to rubbing sandpaper across your ceramic coating.
  • Brushless automatic washes: While this is generally better than the brush method, you still don’t have any control over the level of power - which can be just as bad. Plus, you’re trusting them to provide the best soaps and other cleaning supplies, which often fall short of what you need.

Even if the quality of the wash doesn’t something damaging, the drying step is usually problematic. Drying is the most important step of washing your car, and it causes all kinds of problems if not done properly. The blowing air at the exit of automatic car washes is usually mostly for show, and the towels that many places use to wipe it off bring us back to the sandpaper example we mentioned.

Best Way to Clean Ceramic Coated Car

What To Use To Wash Ceramic Coated Car

Now that we’ve established the best way to clean your ride is by doing it at home, you’re probably wondering what to use to wash ceramic coated car. Basically, you’re going to need an assortment of products designed especially for ceramic coatings, including:

The products you choose are a delicate balance because you’ll want to use something that is pH neutral so that it doesn’t strip off any coatings or sealants, but effective enough to get the job done.

How Do I Wash A Ceramic Coated Car

For the best way to wash ceramic coated car, follow the tips in this checklist.

Don’t Wash Immediately

As with many coatings, you don’t want to wash it too early before giving it time to really soak in. You should give your car a thorough wash and dry before applying the ceramic coating, but wait about a week after application before washing.

On the other hand, applying a maintenance spray, such as Q²M Cure, right after application will extend the life of your coating.

Use A Pre-Wash

Before going to town on dirt, grime, oils, and other substances that your car has picked up while cruising around, it’s good to get something in there to start soaking it off. This often comes in the form of a foam that you gently spray on and let sit for a while.

Use Products Specifically For Ceramic Coatings

Not all manufacturers design their products with ceramic coatings in mind, and many of them will peel your coating off as if it were bugs on the windshield. Gyeon is the maker of a lot of products for all different car types, and they have what you need to keep that ceramic coating for the long haul.

Go Touchless!

Whether it’s towels and brushes during the wash stage, or towels when drying - any physical rubbing of your car increases the likelihood of scratching the coating and paint. The good news is that it’s never been easier to set up a touchless car wash at home, and blow-drying can give you a spot- and streak-free finish. 

Blow Dry When Finished

It really can’t be overemphasized that blow-drying your car after a wash is a critical step. All the best soaps and coatings in the world won’t do the trick if you’re not gently maintaining them, and cars of all colors and finishes will have spots and streaks if you slowly air dry.

Apply A Maintenance Spray

Depending on how often you wash your car, a maintenance spray can help keep the coating functioning at maximum capacity for as long as possible.

Best Way To Wash Car After Ceramic Coating

Coating And Washing Work As A Team

Ceramic coating is one of the best ways to keep your ride looking new and shiny, but it isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. You need to wash regularly, but you need to wash in a way that supports the coating. Keep your exterior looking great for a long time by going touchless, using dedicated cleaning products, and blow-drying!

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