Touchless Car Wash At Home

Washing your vehicle is an important part of car maintenance for automobile enthusiasts around the world. Even though the 2 bucket method is one of the most common methods for washing your car at home, you can still run the risk of scratching your delicate paintwork. There are actually several methods to choose from, and one of the best is to give your vehicle a touchless car wash at home.

A touchless wash is the best way to avoid scratching your paintwork and ruining the finish on your car. You can of course pay to take your vehicle through an automatic car wash, but there's no guarantee this will actually do the stellar job that you are after - it could even make things worse.

Today, we're going to take a look at the different methods for washing your car, and why the touchless method is the best way to go. We're also going to show you how to set up the best home car wash system using the touchless method from the comfort of your own home, and why you still need to use a BLO car blow dryer afterwards to get the stunning finish that you're after so as to avoid water spots.

Best Home Car Wash System

Handwash vs Automatic Car Washing

There's no doubt that washing your car by hand is one of the cheapest and easiest methods for washing your car. However, when you use a wash mitt and towels to wash and dry your car, this can cause scratching on the finish. To avoid these scratches showing up on your paintwork, using a touchless method is recommended.

One of the easiest ways to give your vehicle a touchless car wash is to of course take it to an automatic wash. This will involve you driving your vehicle into the car wash, where the automated system will spray your car with water and soap suds, using brushes to clean away any excess dirt. 

However, there are a few big cons to taking this route: 

  • It can be expensive over time
  • It probably won't leave you with the spotless finish that you're after

The brushes inside the automatic car wash can still damage the paintwork on your vehicle, especially if these brushes are damaged or there is a lot of dirt on your car. In this instance, you will find that using an automatic wash will be just as likely to scratch and damage your paintwork as a handwash. It's also important to note that vehicles over a certain size can't be taken into certain car washes.

Automatic car washes also tend to use harsh chemicals, which can severely damage your paintwork. So after spending all that money on taking your car through the automatic wash several times in the month, you could find that its paintwork is in worse shape than when you first started. These types of car washes also don't account for the drying process, which can leave your car streaky with water spots and swirls.

The best method to use is a touchless car wash at home. This will involve using an attachment on your outside garden hose or a pressure washer, working away at the grime on your vehicle. This will be most effective when completed on a regular basis. The only exception to this rule is if your car has a ton of dirt and grime on it, in which case the touchless car wash won't be able to tackle all of this.

Are Touchless Car Washes Better?

Are touchless car washes better? Yes, they are much better than the other alternatives that we have discussed above. This is because it reduces the likelihood of friction, and therefore greatly reduces the chances of your car becoming scratched during the cleaning process. Out of all the washing techniques that we have covered in more detail above, the touchless method is the most effective method and makes the best use of proper techniques.

The only thing to bear in mind is the level of dirt you have on your vehicle. If this is excessive, a pressure wash might not be enough to remove all of the grime. In this case, you will need to revert to the 2 bucket method so that you can remove the bulk of the dirt and grime on your vehicle. This will then make using the touchless method much easier in the future, as there will be less dirt on your car.

But where do you even get started with a touchless car wash at home? We've got you covered!

Touchless Car Wash System for Home

It couldn't be easier to do a touchless wash at home. You will need a couple of things on hand before you get started, but this will generally be much quicker and easier than if you were to use the 2 bucket method to try and wash your car by hand. You will need a pressure washer, a foam gun attachment, Q²M Bathe, and a BLO car dryer blower.

Remember, you can't just use standard dish soap for washing your car. This is because it often uses harsher chemicals which can damage the finish on your car. Instead, you will need to choose a car shampoo with neutral pH so that you won't damage your car.

You can also use your garden hose attachment to wash and rinse your car, however, you will need to make use of a car dryer afterward to prevent water spots from appearing on your paint work. This is because some household water uses certain minerals in it which is more likely to leave watermarks on the finish if you were to use your garden hose.

Choose a Shaded Spot

When you start to wash your car, you will need to do so in a shaded spot. This is because if you were to clean your car in bright, heavy sunlight, the water would dry too quickly before you can dry it using your BLO car dryer. This would leave you with the streaky finish and water spots that you are trying to avoid.

Touchless Car Wash At Home

Pressure Wash Away Any Dirt

Now comes the fun part! Using your pressure washer, you will need to rinse away as much of the debris and dirt as you can. For any particularly stubborn surfaces, you can work on soaking these thoroughly so that the dirt washes off easily.

Make sure to be careful when using the pressure washer around your side mirrors, window seals, and other sensitive areas that won't react well to the pressure wash from the washing equipment.

Time to Use Your Foam Gun

Once you have properly soaked your vehicle, it's time to use your Q²M Bathe pH neutral car shampoo and your foam gun attachment. 

To do this:

  • Place the Q²M Bathe inside the foam gun attachment as directed
  • Secure the foam gun attachment to the end of your pressure washer
  • Spray ample amounts of foam over your car

Next, you'll need to allow this soap to sit for around 5 minutes so that it can get to work.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Remove the foam gun attachment from your pressure washer. Once 5 minutes of soapy suds sitting on your car has elapsed, you can then use the pressure washer to remove this soap and the remaining dirt from your vehicle.

If you notice there are still certain amounts of dirt and grime on your car after you've rinsed off all the soap suds, you can use the foam gun attachment again to lather it up, then repeat the rinsing process.

Still a lot of grime on your car? Then you may need to go back to the 2 bucket method for now so that you can remove this. The touchless car wash method is intended to reduce how often you need to use this handwash method, so you will get the best results if you use the touchless method regularly.

Blow Dry Your Car

So many people often skip this important last step when it comes to washing their car.

However, blow drying your car is the crucial step needed to get that streak-free finish that you're after.

Select the appropriate car dryer from the BLO car dryer range for the size of your vehicle, and enjoy the results from all of your hard work with your now shiny car.

Touchless Car Wash System For Home

Importance of Drying After a Car Wash

To get the very best results from your touchless wash, you will need to dry it properly once you have finished. In fact, there are several problems that can occur when you don't dry your car after your car wash. These include the water spots and streaks that you have been avoiding.

What would have been the point in spending a good half an hour or so washing your car only for it to have a streaky finish afterward?

In order to get the sleek finish you're after, you will need to use a BLO car dryer after you've finished washing your car. This removes the likelihood of scratching your car by using mitts and microfiber towels, which we're sure you will want to avoid if you have opted for a touchless wash.

Touchless is the Best Home Car Wash System

So rather than heading out to the automatic car wash, why don’t you get excited about spending come quality time with your ride? A touchless car wash system for home is easier than you probably expect, and it will give your vehicle the care it needs to last a long time.

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