BMW Interior Cleaning Instructions

If you are looking for luxury and class, BMW usually makes top lists in the car world. This brand continues to be a bold reflection of the driver, showcasing dependability without sacrificing appearance or speed.

Ensuring that your BMW is clean at all times will keep it looking pristine, and will reduce the process of degradation from components such as dirt, mud, bird droppings and any other foreign products that can damage the car’s paint. Caring for a new car's exterior is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and value for your ride, whether new or older. 

That said, caring for the interior should not be overlooked. Here’s an in-depth car care guide with all the tips on BMW interior cleaning instructions:

Cleaning Instructions for BMW Interior

The interior of a BMW is nothing short of comfort and luxury. Well known for its deluxe leather, addressing interior cleaning can feel a little overwhelming. You don't want to damage anything, of course, but what is the best BMW interior cleaning instruction? 

A BMW's leather has holes or pores that are quick to absorb moisture. When the seats are filled with moisture, they can be extremely uncomfortable and cause other issues that you may overlook. 

bmw cleaning products

Start by ensuring you have a vision of what you want. Of course what you want is a clean interior that’s bacteria free. So, you will need to accumulate all of the right products to do the cleaning job.

These are just a few of our favorite BMW detailing car care products. 

Get Rid Of The Dust

Next, you need to start preparing the inside of the vehicle for some serious cleaning, and this starts with dusting. Most cars will have external debris on the inside making them extremely dirty.

You should use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner with add-on attachments that can eliminate dust, dirt, hair, crumbs and other foreign bodies that can accumulate in small and tight spaces.

Some attachments on the vacuum cleaner such as a dust brush attachments are great at reaching under the seats, in between and in the vehicle's trunk. Using a round brush will also help clean the console and air vents.

Stain Removal 

Among many other beneficial tips on BMW interior cleaning instruction is taking care of stains. Stains diminish the quality and appearance of the vehicle’s interior. The best option would be to quickly keep tidying up any spills that are found.

There are several incredible products you can use to remove dust and stains from your BMW such as:

These are excellent products that are mild and gentle on your vehicle. They are also manufactured for regular use, and will not discolor or fade the interior of your vehicle. They remove dust and light dirt spots leaving no residue behind. 

bmw interior cleaner instructions

Focus on the Leather

Leather will keep looking great year after year, if you ensure to keep it clean and shiny. Moisture, dust and dirt as well as oil from your body can leave it looking horrible and old. It is actually much cheaper to regularly clean the leather instead of replacing it every couple of years.

In order to keep it feeling and looking clean and new, you should use high-quality leather cleaning solution such as:

These products will keep the leather as good as new. Before applying the leather cleaner however, ensure to do step two again, and eliminate the dust. 

Wipe Down Finish

Wiping down the vehicle’s interior after cleaning is an important step. The leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces of the BMW should be wiped using a damp microfiber cloth. This cloth will not smear the dirt all over the vehicle, nor will it scratch the interior.

It is the best option for finishing the vehicle cleaning process. 

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Cleaning BMW: Invest In A Car Blow Dryer

Detailing your BMW will also include cleaning the outside. Drying the outside of the vehicle will require the best product in the market today, which is the Blo Car Dryer. Invest in one to ensure you have a spotless car, whose paint is not scratched.

Here’s a look at the different blow car dryers you can choose from:

We build and create our products in the US, which means you can trust our quality. For anyone looking to have the best looking BMW,  our blo car dryers are game changers! We are the best choice.

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