AIR-S Hand Held Dryer


AIR-S is a super-compact, hand-held Car Dryer that packs a big punch. Ideal for safely and easily drying motorcycles, bikes, and driving out water from every vent, grille, mirror, or hiding spot on cars. This Dryer is small but mighty with the highest power and output of any Hand-Held dryer in its class. It comes with a handy 16’ / 5M Cord and a choice of 3 nozzles to suit any job.

Product Specs

  • 1.5HP via a Single Motor
  • 21,800 FPM
  • Twin Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 16’ / 5M Power Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty*
  • Availability: In Stock


Most swirl marks and scratches happen during the drying process. By using forced, warm, filtered air to dry your car you have zero chance of scratching the finish with a drying towel.


There is nothing worse than perfectly cleaning your car only to have the mirrors, trim, and emblems drip water the second you drive away. By using the BLO Car Dryer you can easily blast water out from behind these tricky areas and keep the car looking its best.


The BLO Car Dryer was specifically designed based on the every day needs of both "Do It Yourself" Detailing Enthusiasts, as well as, the Professional Detailer. The variable air speed control, extra long hose, rolling wheel base, and long power cord make for a fantastic tool to add to any detailing arsenal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
jason montgomery

Powerful blower 🔥 love it

Stevan Strate
I had my doubts about this Dryer.

I am amazed at the power from this unit. I had my SUV Ceramic Coated. It requires blow drying over wiping dry. They recommended an industrial floor unit or leaf blower. I opted on the AIR-S Hand Held Dryer after extensive research. I am not sorry with my choice. It is an amazing Dryer with assorted tips for any application.

todd urquhart
soo cool

works awsome very happy i actualy made the cord longer it was toshort
tha one you should lokk into the cord it comes with is to short for biggercar hard to dryall aeas of it with out a exstension cord sincerly tmu

Robert Windemuth
It’s Awesome

I can’t believe how much power this little thing has! It saves me a ton of time and my neighbors think I’m the coolest guy on the block. I also blow out my interior every time I wash the cars now too. Great product and I highly recommend it.

Gregory Wall
Boy she sure blows

Fair price. Came nicely packaged. She blows clean filtered air and blows hard. Very Happy with my purchase