Can I Use A Leaf Blower To Dry My Car?

In the age of digital media, it’s easy to hop online and search for simple solutions to age-old problems. Useful, everyday hacks can make life a whole lot easier not to mention less expensive and frustrating. Waterproofing your shoes, for instance, is as easy as rubbing beeswax over them. For vehicles, it may seem like a good idea to use household tools to help with washing your car, but are all items functional and safe? Many vehicle owners wonder, can I use a leaf blower to dry my car? The answer and alternative solutions can be found below. 

We get it. Air blowers are an investment and using everyday household items seems like a far cheaper solution. When considering the equipment you use to clean your car, also consider the cost it may be to repair certain aspects if the equipment proves faulty or damaging. At BLO we offer safe, proven tools that offer superior clean for cars, motorcycles, and trucks. 

leaf blower to dry car

Hacks for Cleaning Your Car

Log in to a number of social media platforms like Pinterest and you’re sure to find numerous hacks on detailing a car using everyday products. In general, it is possible to clean a vehicle without high-end professional detailing soaps, rage, and other equipment. 

In fact, Reader’s Digest has some off-the-cuff recommendations, such as using soda to clean a windshield. While we definitely recommend against using sugar-infused, acidic drinks to clean a vehicle that costs tens of thousands, there are certain hacks that might be applicable. For example, it’s wise to use a bucket, water, and soap to rid your car or truck of grime, dirt, and other debris. The bucket should be routinely cleaned out and new rags should be used during washing. Olive oil is also said to be a great interior protectant when used in smaller quantities on in-dashes, center consoles, and other surfaces inside. 

Other genius cleaning hacks for detailing a car might include:

- Using compressed air to clean car vents
- Carpet cleaning or stain remover for floor mats
- Screwdriver wrapped with a soft cloth can help you reach nooks and crannies
- Removing car stickers with hair blower
- Cleaning headlights with toothpaste
- Dead bugs removal with drier sheets

    These are certainly alternative and cheaper methods of cleaning your vehicle. However, in certain aspects it might be a good idea to consider higher-end equipment, especially for larger jobs. Some vehicle owners ask, can I use a leaf blower to dry my car? The answer is, sure. In theory, any piece of equipment can be used to execute on a task. 

    Properly Drying A Vehicle

    According to numerous articles, the best method for drying a vehicle in 2020 considers multiple factors. There’s definitely a science to drying a car, especially if the end result means streak-free shine and avoiding moisture build up that can lead to rust and water stains. Some recommendations include:

    - Drip drying
    - Microfiber towels
    - Water blades
    - Air blowing

      For many, it’s very easy to find a towel lying around the house and use that to dry your vehicle. The immediate result is as intended. Your car appears dry, but it might be doing more harm than good. Microfiber towels can help avoid detrimental effects of a regular towel. 

      Drip Drying

      One of the biggest downfalls about drip drying a car is that the water collected and left behind contains natural materials. These materials don’t magically evaporate during an air dry. Although the liquid will disappear, it will leave behind spots, streaks, and other unsightly deposits. This is especially true if you have a darker paint on your vehicle. 

      how to properly dry a car

      Microfiber Towel

      When working to dry your vehicle by hand, consider investing in microfiber towels. As one of the most popular drying methods, they can be purchased from just about any location, automotive-specific stores and others. They’re also relatively cheap and because their design considers delicate surfaces, they are ideal for a towel-drying job on a vehicle. 

      Microfiber towels are made specifically for jobs like car detailing. Not only are these cloths more hygienic, they avoid the need for expensive, and often harmful detergents and they get things looking far cleaner in less time. Ordinary cleaning clothes have fibers made of cotton or a synthetic material such as nylon. Microfiber cloths have more fibers that are positioned much closer, allowing them to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles. 

      Water Blades 

      Car enthusiasts often debate whether or not water blades are advisable when cleaning a car or truck. Essentially, the blades work like a windshield wiper and act as a sort of squeegee to scrub off water on the surface of a car. The most obvious drawback is that if a larger spec of dirt, or something else is left behind, it could get lodged between the blade and the vehicle’s surface, causing it to scratch the pain. 

      Blowing Your Car Dryer

      Using a hair dryer or a leaf blower is certainly an option to get your car dry once it’s been properly washed. The benefits of using an air blower include:

      - Towel-free
      - Speedy and convenient
      - Cost-effective 
      - Environmentally friendly
      - No contact
      - Clean hard-to-reach places
      Can I use a leaf blower to dry my car? Certainly. However, it’s important to not just weigh the benefits but recognize the cons and possible issues that may be caused by a powerful machine like a leaf blower. For example, consider the intended use of a leaf blower. If it’s been used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris in your yard, the likelihood of it accumulating those particles is high. Additionally, leaf blowers don’t have warm or hot air options. This means the air is often mild and takes much longer to produce the same result and oftentimes, it’s uneven. 

      At high wind speeds, you could be blowing dirt and grime onto your vehicle causing nicks, scratches and more. Not to mention, leaf blowers are designed for large areas like backyards, and patios. The design of a leaf blower is in pursuit of covering large square footage and, as a result, the large nozzles are not designed for control and easy maneuvering. Leaf blowers may also require you to rise and dry by hand in addition to just blowing. 

      Using Specifically-Design Car Air Dryer

      A high-speed car dyer is intended for an effortlessly smooth detailing job. Most professionals in the industry invest in a suitable car air dryer that is made for a pristine finish on your vehicle. While they come at a more premium price than an average household item, they’re well worth the investment for multiple reasons. 

      1. Safety

      Car air dryers are specifically designed with a vehicle in mind. They’re often portable, and easy to maneuver. The mechanics of a car dryer are simple. Warm or hot air is forced from an air machine that is then directed at the surface of a vehicle. This even air flow is powerful enough to blow out even the smallest particles. In addition, it avoids the constant mishaps of accidentally hitting the vehicle, or blowing out other harmful debris. 

      2. Saving Time

      Drying a vehicle by hand is both costly in terms of time and equipment. If you’re drying by hand, you’ll likely need to invest in multiple products and continue to purchase new items so as to avoid using the same towel, shammies, or dry cloth twice. Car dryers are a one-time purchase that can be used over and over. 

      3. Keeps Paintwork in Optimum Condition

      The most obvious benefit of avoiding using a leaf blower and investing, instead, in a proper car detailing dryer is the end result. Constantly rubbing the finished paint on your car is bound to end up in micro-scratches, marks, and other imperfections. Car air drying means that your paint stays in place and is dried evenly. Additionally, it helps you to clean in hard-to-reach areas where moisture can build up and cause rust and other issues. 

      can i use a leaf blower to dry my car

      Blo: Car Dryer Options

      With newer technology provided by BLO Car Dryer, vehicle owners can eliminate the chance of scratching the finish that often occurs with abrasive drying cloths or poor drying techniques, like using a leaf blower. BLO dryers come with conveniences that include an extra-long hose for reaching all around your vehicle. They also have adjustable airspeed and provide a continuous flow of warm air for a better dry.

      With a BLO dryer, you can dry the exterior glass areas of your car at the same time as you are drying the paint surfaces and other crevices. This ensures that water spots won’t accumulate and rust doesn’t become a later issue.

      How Does Air Dry Detailing Work?

      BLO Car Dryers use high-pressure air at just the right temperature for your car’s surface. They get your vehicle dry to a perfect shine without drips, spots, swirls, scratching, or marring your car’s surface. The temperature and airflow are also ideal for drying those hard-to-reach contours and crevasses.

      The twin high-power electric motors will ramp up to eight horsepower for quick movement of water on large panels of your vehicle. Designed by professional detailers, BLO dryers are user-friendly for both do-it-yourselfers and those in the business of detailing.

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