High Pressure Air Blower for Car

One of the most taxing aspects of detailing a car is drying it properly. Enthusiastic car owners may not realize that car washing tools are not always created equal. Selecting the wrong type of towel or cloth may actually result in scratches or swirls to the vehicle. For a sizable investment like a car, it’s important to understand what types of tools can aid in properly drying. A high pressure air blower for car may be the best available item for professional detailing. 

What is a High Pressure Air Blower?

High pressure air blowers for car are also known as forced-air high-pressure fans. They have been specifically designed to provide continuous industrial and domestic applications like drying your vehicle’s surface. High pressure air blowers produce high static pressure and regulated heat and airflow.

Air blowers are capable of moving water, clean air, light particulate, or vapor. They can be customized to accommodate abrasive, sticky, or hot air streams.

Blowers differ from fans. While both are mechanical devices and both circulate air, blowers consist of a fan that directs air to a specific direction, point, or area.

high pressure air blower for car

Avoid These Methods of Drying A Car

Many car owners contend that hand drying a vehicle is the way to go. The problem with hand drying is that it is very labor-intensive. By the time you get to some areas, they may already have dried, leaving streaks or water spots. Additionally, with the wrong drying cloth or too much elbow grease, it's easy to cause scratches or swirls on the surface, damaging the paint. Hand drying also doesn’t get at those hard-to-reach grooves and contours.

1) Air Compressors

Others choose to use an air compressor. They rationalize that they already own the compressor for other purposes. Why not use it to dry a car? Air compressors are adequate for blowing water from crevasses and contours of your vehicle. However, they aren’t as effective when it comes to blowing the water off your car’s surface. One of the main reasons is air compressors don’t provide sufficient airflow. Moreover, if you use your air compressor for other tasks, the filters may contain dirt that could scratch your car’s finish.

2) Leaf Blowers

Many of us have leaf blowers. These machines were intended to blow debris off sidewalks and driveways. They are efficient for moving leaves into piles. However, they were not built to blow the water off your car. They also don’t use heat. More problematic, leaf blowers used to do yard work may blow sediment onto your car’s costly paint surface.

3) Hair Dryers

Some DIY-ers attempt to air dry their vehicles with hair dryers. This thinking isn’t flawed. Basically, a high-pressure air blower for your car is like a giant, high-powered hair dryer. However, there is a difference. High-pressure air blowers are specifically designed to dry the surfaces of your car. Where hair dryers were built to dry hair, car dryer blowers were engineered to blast water off the surface of your vehicle. Hair dryers often operate at heat settings that can harm the paint on your car. They also do not cover a wide surface. Consequently, they don’t have the pressure or range to blow water off a car. Using a hair dryer around wet surfaces can also be dangerous.

A high pressure air blower for car is specifically designed to aid in properly drying a car. You need a high-pressure blower for car so it retains its just-like-new look. Your car is an expensive asset. You want it to look its best—inside and out.

high pressure air blower for cars

Different Air Pressures

Some tasks require low air pressure. Applying high pressure to fragile surfaces may damage or destroy the object. It takes air pressure to blow up a balloon. Too little air pressure will result in a lack of inflation. Too much air pressure will explode the balloon.

All around us are examples of air pressure at work in just the right setting to complete the task efficiently. Think about your shower. Too little air pressure produces only a trickle of water. Too much air pressure would blow you right out of the shower.

A continuous, appropriate air pressure is required to blow a musical instrument or flush the toilet.

Imagine the plant damage watering them with a high-pressure hose would cause. Yet, getting debris off your driveway or water off the surface of your car requires high air pressure.  Think of what would happen to your bicycle, car, motorcycle, or truck tire if too much air pressure was applied.

The Effect of High Pressure Air Blowers for Cars

Even though air drying your vehicle requires high air pressure, most quality high pressure air blowers for cars have variable settings so you can apply the right amount of air pressure for each drying area.

Why Choose BLO Car Dryers?

Whether you are a professional detailer or you are a DIY-er, BLO Car Dryers have a product that is just right for you.

Drying your vehicle with a BLO Car Dryer is effective because BLO dryers offer generous amounts of warm filtered air. This makes it safer and faster to get the job done. BLO dryers also make drying your car more enjoyable.

air pressure for car drying

Different Product Offerings

All BLO dryers are designed and built in America. They are the inspiration of a professional detailer.

It is important to choose the car air dryer that is just right for your car drying needs. BLO Car Dryers offer convenient options.


The AIR-GT BLO Car Dryer features two eight horsepower motors. It is powerful enough to dry your vehicle quickly, blasting water off your car, boat, bike, or motorcycle with no-touch efficiency. This large BLO dryer offers variable air speeds, warm filtered air, a super long hose, and a sixteen-foot power cord. The AIR-GT comes with round and flat silicone nozzles and connectors.


The AIR-RS BLO Car Dryer is a lighter weight machine. It is compact but powerful. Whether you are drying a truck, a van, a car, or a motorcycle, this BLO dryer with its single five and a half horsepower motor and variable air speed control provides warm touchless drying getting water out of every crevasse and vent. The AIR-RS has a sixteen-foot hose with both flat and round silicone nozzle and a sixteen-foot power cord.


For those who are looking for a hand-held blow dryer, the super-compact AIR-S BLO Car Dryer is the perfect fit. Don’t let its size fool you. The AIR-S has a lot of power with its one and a half horsepower single motor. It is an ideal choice for cars, motorcycles, and bikes. The sixteen-foot cord and three nozzles can remove water from grills, vent, mirrors, and paint surfaces using one of its two air speeds.

Whichever BLO Car Dryer you select, BLO Car Dryers provide no-contact drying. You will eliminate swirls and scratches that often occur with touch of the towel drying method.

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