Car Spring Cleaning

Showing your car some well-needed love is important for maintaining the quality and appearance of your vehicle. Cleaning your car, both inside and out, is detrimental to preserving the quality of your vehicle and showing a true representation of yourself to the world. Although cleaning it all year round should be a priority, spring cleaning helps your car to dust off the remains of winter road salt and say hello to summer. 

If you clean your car all year round, you may be wondering, why should I spring clean it? If so, you should spring clean your car as this allows you to detail your car and ensure that every small corner is perfectly neat, clean, and meets your highest standards.

Just think about it, a deep clean to your car helps in three areas:

  1. It makes it look better
  2. It preserves the finish and surfaces
  3. It prevents mechanical issues due to dirt and grime buildup

Below you will find a helpful guide on car detailing spring cleaning to make sure that your car is of the highest quality and is something that you are proud of. When you clean your car all year round, you may not have a chance to deeply detail your car. However, with car spring cleaning, you can set aside allotted time to make sure your car is sparkling clean.

Car Spring Cleaning

Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Here are some spring cleaning car tips so you can do the job at home, while feeling confident, happy, comfortable, and proud of your vehicle. This car spring cleaning checklist will ensure that your ride has a professional and high-quality finish once it has been cleaned.

You’re going to want to:

  • Handwash the vehicle’s exterior
  • Blow dry the exterior
  • Replace your wipers
  • Clean the undercarriage
  • Brush the carpets and mats
  • Clean the wheels
  • Wash the windows

Read on for more details on the how and why of each one of those steps.

Handwash the Exterior

The first thing that people notice when you are driving is the exterior of your car, and by handwashing the outside, you will be able to get a sleek and professional appearance. Instead of using household soap which can wreak havoc on your finish, use this car wash soap from Gyeon to protect your car from dirt and dust. 

Household soap isn’t designed to be used on your car, so using a specific car wash soap will help to gently clean your car. The car wash soap will get rid of any dirt and leave your car with a spotless exterior.

Blow Dry the Exterior

This step is really the secret sauce of home car washing, and it will make or break the results of your cleaning session.

Once you gently hand wash your car with the car wash soap, make sure that you thoroughly rinse your car to make sure that the soap won’t dry on the exterior. A crucial step that cannot be missed in making sure that your car is sleek and shiny is blow-drying your car.

If you air dry or hand dry your car, you will not get the same shine to your car as you would with a blow dryer. The quality of using a BLO car dryer is professional and gets rid of any water spots on your car's exterior. 

Replace the Windshield Wipers

This one isn’t as obvious, but it’s incredibly important to make sure that your car doesn’t hold on to any remnants of winter, and windshield wipers can take the brunt of harsh winter due to the extreme weather conditions. 

Sharp ice and snow can wear down your wiper blades, so getting new ones will ensure your safety. Worn wipers won’t properly clear the rain off your windshield and will leave streaks, so replacing them will make sure you’re safe and protect your windshield. 

Clean the Underside

In the winter, the roads are covered in road salt to reduce the risk of any accidents caused by the ice. This precaution is very beneficial for increasing your stability on the road, but it can gather on the underside of your car. Although people rarely see the underside of your car, it is important to prevent corrosion underneath.

To remove the salt and grime from the underside, it is recommended that you use a solution that is mixed with water and vinegar. This will help to cleanse the underside of your car and remove any debris and dirt to prevent corrosion.

Spring Cleaning Car Wash

Brush the Carpets and Mats

For many of us, winter is filled with big boots, umbrellas, and using the car a lot more than usual to avoid walking in the cold. This means that your carpets and mats will be suffering from a build-up of dirt that becomes trapped in the fibers. 

Simply washing the carpet and mats won’t get the dirt out, but using a brush will allow you to get all of the tough dirt out of the fibers of the mats and carpets before vacuuming to ensure that the dirt doesn’t remain in the car. Spray FabricCoat from Gyeon onto the carpet to soften the dirt before brushing. 

Clean the Wheels

The wheels of your car are put through a lot and can become very dirty without you even realizing. It is important to avoid wheel washes that contain acid as this can damage the wheels, but using this wheel wash from Gyeon will take the grime off your wheels and keep them looking brand new. 

During your car spring clean, using a toothbrush enables you to reach into small gaps in the wheels to make sure that they are clean and not filled with grime. This will reduce the risk of corrosion and keep your wheels healthy.

Clean the Windows

Using a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free solution will help to accentuate the shine on the exterior of your car. It is recommended that you use a microfiber cloth on your windows as it reduces any marks or streaks that could be left on the surface after you clean them. 

It is important to use an ammonia-free solution when cleaning your windows as ammonia can be too harsh on the glass. The best way to make sure that your car spring cleaning is complete is to have your windows all the way down so you can remove the dirt at the top of your windows.

Car Detailing Spring Cleaning

How Much to Detail Clean a Car?

Detail cleaning your car ensures that your car is completely deep cleaned, but doing it from home may seem like a lot of effort. Also, how much is too much? However, we recommend that you detail your car at least once a year around April, with regular maintenance cleans throughout the year.

A spring cleaning car wash just after winter will prepare your ride for summer. You can make sure that your car has all of the dirt and grime caused by winter removed and make the necessary repairs. 

It will also keep the interior of your car clean and tidy so it doesn’t begin to look worn down. This will help to keep carpets and mats suitable for cleaning and not allow them to begin to look like they need to be replaced.

Plus, you’re going to be cruising around all summer to see and be seen, so why wouldn’t you want to look your best?

Time for Spring Cleaning Your Car!

The bottom line is that spring cleaning your car at home is important for keeping the maintenance of your car up to date. It’s a lot easier than you might think to get a quality deep clean, and you’ll be able to guarantee a level of satisfaction that your ride deserves for top performance and looks.

Using equipment like a car wash soap, microfiber cloths, and a blow-dryer cannot be skipped if you want a professional, shiny, and sleek finish on your car. They’ll help improve the overall appearance of your car and restore a sparkling finish that you won’t be able to miss.

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