Cleaning a Tesla

Tesla is one of the fastest-growing luxury car brands in the US. Since 2009, Tesla has produced and sold a total of 1.91 million vehicles. This is an incredible brand that is electric-driven.

Owning a unique car is fantastic, but owning a Tesla is quite fancy. This vehicle ranks high on most people's coveted lists. As excellent and efficient as an electric car can be, it requires plenty of special care to keep it nice and shiny whenever you take it out for a drive.

Teslas particularly require lots of tender love and care, and a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach when cleaning a Tesla is the best option. This ensures the vehicle is not damaged, especially on its surface and sensitive sensors.  

Cleaning a Tesla

Why Should You Hand Wash Your Tesla?

Taking your car to an automatic car wash seems like the easiest option when your Tesla is dirty, but there are several reasons why this proves to be more damaging to your car. 

Cleaning a Tesla at home ensures that you use the best drying technique, the Blower Car Dryer. This offers the safest drying method and ensures that every part of your vehicle is clear of all water!

Here are the reasons why you should opt to hand wash your Tesla:

Prevents Damage To Sensors

Tesla’s equipped with sensitive sensors and cameras that play a significant role in helping it operate normally. Taking your car to an automatic car wash can misalign your sensors, rendering safety features such as forward collision warnings non-functional.

It Protects Your Paint

Automatic car washes use brushes and bristles to clean your car, and scratching or damaging the paint job is pretty easy. By hand-washing, you avoid stripping wax off your car, preventing color fading. Tesla’s are made of paint that can easily flake and chip with force; therefore, special care should be observed.

The Different Ways To Wash A Tesla

The Different Ways To Wash A Tesla

Handling a Tesla requires rapt attention since it is easy to scratch the car's surface as you clean. There is a lot to consider when it comes to washing your car, and therefore here are the different ways that you can use to wash your Tesla:

Hand Washing Method

This method proves to be the most suitable since it thoroughly cleans your car and, at the same time, allows fewer scratches and lessens the chance of contamination.

Through hand-washing, you have complete control over how you want your Tesla to be cleaned, and all you need is to use any of the following products:

For Cleaning:

  • Q²M Restart Wash
  • Q²M Bathe+  
  • Q²M Bathe Essence
  • Q²M PPF Wash
  • Q²M Smoothie
  • Q²M Wash Pad
  • Q²M WheelMitt
  • For Drying - Blower Car Dryers

  • AIR-S Hand Held Dryer
  • AIR-RS Car Dryer Blower
  • AIR-S Hand Held Dryer
  • It is preferable to use a two-bucket method, where one bucket is used for washing, and the other is used for rinsing.

    Additionally, don't clean in a circular motion but instead clean the panels from top to bottom. Remember not to wash your Tesla in direct sunlight to avoid water spots when drying.

    Waterless Cleaning

    As the name suggests, this method of cleaning does not require water. All you need to use is a waterless car wash product and a microfiber towel.

    You simply spray the product on your car and leave it to sit for a while. Afterward, wipe it off using the microfiber towel, but keep in mind to wipe from top to bottom and refrain from using too much pressure.

    When done, use a Blower car dryer to ensure it is dry.

    Rinseless Cleaning

    This is similar to the waterless method, the only difference being that it requires a bucket of water to rinse off the soap.

    You need to mix a degreaser with soapy water to clean off the grime on your car. Be sure to clean off all the soap before you wipe down your Tesla with a soft cloth or dry using a blower car dryer.

    Touchless Car Wash

    If you do decide to take your car to a car wash, you should opt to visit a touchless car wash. This car wash does not use equipment to contact your car, lessening the chances of scratches directly.

    For those who own a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, your car is equipped with a car wash mode which disables windshield wipers, parking sensor chimes, locks the charge port, and sentry mode, all at the tap of a button, keeping your car safe from damage.

    How to Clean Your Tesla’s Interior

    You only need a vacuum, a soft cloth, and a spray cleaner to clean the interior. 

    You start by vacuuming the interior to eliminate accumulated dirt and dust that may be stuck in the seats. You can also opt to use a soft brush. You can wipe your windows, seats, panels, and steering wheel using your soft cloth.

    Make sure not to use alcohol-based gel products such as hand sanitizers while cleaning your Tesla’s interior.

    How to Clean Your Tesla’s Interior

    How To Properly Dry Your Car

    The best way to dry your Tesla would be to use a Blower Car Dryer, which provides moving air. Using moving air to dry your car is arguably one of the safest methods for your vehicle.

    It is perfect because you will not make any contact with the paint surface, and the concept is what you would find at automated car washes, but with a smaller blow dryer comes compressed air, which works great as well. 

    Choose Our Blower Car Dryers

    Blower Car Dryers from BLO Car Dryer are the perfect way to dry your Tesla without scratching. Our car dryers offer a warm-filled and safe way to ensure the paint remains intact.

    Our no-contact drying will ensure you do not get any abrasions, swirls, or scratches as you would with a towel, no matter how soft the towel may be.

    Our customers agree that this is the best method to dry your car and maintain its value.

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