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Whether you own a Mercedes-Benz SUV or coupe, maintaining a pristine, top-notch appearance is important. Luxury vehicles require attention to both exterior and interior. Cleaning Mercede cars or SUVs is a critical aspect to ensuring its longevity and maintaining its value. We’re giving some tips on cleaning Mercedes below. 

Cleaning Mercedes can be quite intimidating. Slight imperfections like small scratches on the car paint can become ugly scars if you wash the car incorrectly. Knowing the basics, such as how often to wash your Mercedes Benz, in addition to understanding different types of car detailing products, and the proper steps to keep the vehicle clean and well-maintained can help you navigate the process. 

How often should you wash a Mercedes?

Ideally, regular car washes should be part of your cleaning Mercedes routine. Getting your vehicle cleaned weekly can help maintain a shiny appearance and keep harmful factors from causing damage to the integrity of your coupe or SUV. 

While detailing weekly or bi-weekly is typical, several Mercedes owners wash their cars at various intervals. Some at regular intervals, while others may extend the period between washes and interior cleans. The truth is that the right frequency for cleaning a Mercedes is subject to multiple factors, including:

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Where you live has a huge impact on the conditions your car undergoes. For instance, parking on a busy road with traffic or under a tree will require your vehicle to be detailed more often. If you live in a clean and quiet location or park your vehicle in a garage, it might be okay to wash your car monthly.

Frequent Usage

How frequently you drive your Mercedes determines how often it needs cleaning. For Mercedes owners that drive more frequently and for longer distances, especially on the highway or on harsh roads, more washes may be needed to keep the integrity of the vehicle intact. 

Harsh road conditions means more dirt and debris that can compromise exterior paint, fenders, wheels, rims, and more. Keeping a regular schedule for cleaning your Mercedes will be critical to protecting it from lasting damage. 

Environmental Condition

The climate and air temperature also matter. Snow and grits eroding from the road during a cold condition can damage your paintwork. It’s important that you also learn how to take care of your car in winter. Likewise, the accelerated erosion of chemicals in contaminants does not help either. It’s highly recommended to wash your car weekly when the weather is hot or freezing. 

Mercedes Benz Cleaning Products

Proper preparation is the key to accomplishing the task of cleaning Mercedes and keeping it in good shape. You begin by identifying and gathering your car's specially made care products for the best possible outcome. Gyeon USA offers the best car care products, and here’s a checklist to make things easy:

Car Shampoo: Using wash shampoo regularly helps to prevent flash rust on paintwork, glass, and plastic.

BLO Car Dryer: The BLO Car Dryer is a safe, no-contact way to get fluid off your Mercedes by reducing marring, swirls, spotting, and drips to keep the paintwork in good condition. There are three products based on size, airpower, and more.

Interior Detailer: The interior detailer is the ideal product for cleaning leather, textile, glass, plastic, and other types of interior dashes and trim.

Wheel Cleaner: The iron wheel cleaner combines specific detergents to remove stubborn stains such as oil residue or aggressive brake dust without damaging the wheel studs or the wheel surface.

Window Cleaner: It is the ultimate formula to effortlessly remove dirt, oily residue, diesel exhaust particles, and hot wax from glass.

Insect Remover: The product quickly and gently removes insects, bugs, and grime from glass, paintwork, and plastic surfaces.

Care Foam: The foam applicator care and cleaning product help maintain smooth contact of the paint's surface for coating installation.

Wax: The car wax kit delivers water beading and repellency to maintain the car’s warm glossy look.

Clay Bars: Gyeon’s clay bars are chemical resistant for dealing with heavily ingrained dirt on vehicle paintwork and other contaminated surfaces.

Softwipe Towel: The thick microfiber cloth provides streak-free cleaning glass and plastic surfaces of the interior and exterior parts of the Mercedes. 

PolishWipe: The high-quality Gyeon microfiber cloth can absorb wax and polish to ensure the finish is free of streaking, dull patches, or scratch-free.

Polish: The fine finishing polish brings out the most gloss and clarity of the painty system. It produces a streak-fee and high-sheen finish. 

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Is It Safe To Clean a Mercedes Engine?

Regardless of the model or make of the Mercedes, the engine's design ensures all components are sealed and enclosed to keep water from getting to the sensitive components and mechanisms. Debris like dust, oil, grime, or other residues from driving around cannot access these delicate parts of the vehicle. However, it’s good to remove the dirt from your Mercedes engine bay twice a year with water, especially before winter and after, to clear out all salt residue. 

In the long run, it prevents rust, salt, or corrosion from the outdoors or winter elements. Cleaning the engine removes grime lodged around pulleys, belts, radiators, and other exposed components. These make the engine look better, run smoother, and perform more efficiently. 

Cleaning Mercedes: Proper Maintenance Steps

For your Mercedes-Benz to maintain its sparkle and continue feeling luxurious as the day you bout it, here are simple cleaning tips to help:

Step 1 – Wash the Vehicle

  • The best place to start is from the top, down to the rear, then the front ends.
  • Ensure you clean to remove all dirt, debris, and old wax.
  • End the wash with the wheels.
  • Use clean water to rinse the car and repeat the wash where needed.
  • After washing, dry your car with the BLO dryer instead of any towel.
  • Blow drying is the safest way to get fluid off your Mercedes without damage.

Step 2 – Clay Bar for Your Mercedes

  • Only twice a year, apply lubricant to a section and glide the clay bar back and forth over the surface to eliminate the contaminants.
  • Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure for the step to maintain the smooth finish of your vehicle’s paintwork.
  • Clay bar the car one section at a time.

Step 3 – Polish the Surface

  • Apply the polish and wipe in a small, circular motion with the polish wipe. Proceed until you cover the entire surface.
  • Leave the polish to settle in the paint for at least ten minutes. 
  • Wipe off the polish with the soft-wipe cloth to keep your Mercedes looking pristine.

Step 4 – Wax the Vehicle

  • At least once every three months, wax the vehicle. 
  • This step follows the procedure of polishing the surface.
  • Begin from a section before proceeding to other parts.
  • Let the wax settle for more the ten minutes.
  • Clean the remaining residue with a soft-wipe cloth.

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Proper Drying for Mercedes

Cleaning Mercedes cars, coupes, and SUVs is not a simple undertaking. Attention to detail, products used, cleaning approaches, and drying processes should all be considered. While drying your Mercedes immediately after washing doesn’t seem like a high priority, it can make a big difference to the finished product after detailing. 

Learning how to dry car after detailing is necessary for Mercedes Benz owners. Unsightly streaks or water stains can mar the appearance of your luxury ride. Taking the time to dry with proper tools like car blow dryers can help remove excess water, therefore avoiding rust and other imperfections that happen from usage. 

Consider BLO car dryers. Using high-pressure air at the right temperatures can help lock in incredible results after detailing. Get your Mercedes to shine without drips, spots, swirls, scratching, or marring. Check out our selections of car blow dryers here.

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