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Washing your car can be a relaxing pastime. It’s one of the few things you can do that is sure to offer instant results. It’s definitely a morale boost when you see last week’s bug splats wiped clean. But like most task work, it’s possible to get frustrated, particularly when you aim for professional detailing, but fall shy. When it comes to washing a car, failing to dry it properly, for example, can lead to spots and streaks that make your drive less enjoyable. Luckily, portable car dryer options are available and perfect for a flawless finish on your washed car or truck. 

Blo is a leading provider of the industry's top car dyer blowers. We have several car drying optionsavailable that fit a range of needs.

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What is a Car Dryer?

Imagine the job a hair dryer does, but for a car. Examining the mechanics behind dryers, whether it’s for clothes, hair, or a car, the concept is fairly simple.

The equipment blows warm or hot air to offer an effortless dryness. In the case of a hair dryer, it’s directed at the head. The result is evenly distributed heat for more uniformity than simply letting those dripping tresses dry in the sun or drying with outside air. With a portable car air dryer, the product provides quick and even drying to avoid unsightly streaks and spots. Further, a car dryer gets into cracks and crevasses that hand or air drying cannot reach.

Advantages of Using a Portable Car Dryer

You’ve invested a lot of money in your vehicle. It’s only natural you want to keep it looking in mint condition, maintaining the painted surface of your car.

There are several advantages of using a car air dryer:

Detailing experts maintain that drying is the most important part of washing your vehicle. Avoid unsightly streaks or water marks by using a car dryer. Towel drying can mar the appearance of your vehicle. Similarly, clothes can leave scratch marks on the expensive paint. A portable car dryer also has the added benefit of removing water in hard-to-reach areas. If left unattended, these wet spots can rust over time. If not, water trapped in these areas not reached by towel drying will, at the very least, drip on your newly cleaned car surface adding spots

Leaving Wet Spots Can Cause Issues For Your Vehicle

Compounds in water and shampoo products may remain on your car’s surface if it is left to air dry. The calcium and other minerals can fade or ruin your car’s paint job. Repainting can be a costly project.

With the right air dryer, you can quickly dry the surface of your car eliminating swirls, scratches, water spots, or streaks. Using a portable car dryer takes less time than hand drying. Touch-free drying ensures no scratches or abrasions occur.

To do a job correctly and produce the most satisfying results, you need the right tools. Warm and hot air dryers are the most effective devices for a professional job of cleaning your car’s surface. Further, a portable car dryer makes it easy to lug and store, so you can take it with you wherever you are.

Preserving Your Vehicle

Keeping up with your vehicle’s health includes the appearance. Drying a car is an easy solution to long-term damage, among other tips for preserving your vehicle. 

Using a car air dryer, you can select the right drying temperature for parts of your vehicle that are now largely plastic resins. Car air dryers preserve the strength, stability, and longevity of your car’s surface.

Air Car Dryer Portable

Features of a Portable Car Dryer

Have you purchased a regular car air dryer and stopped using it. Was it too heavy to operate? Did it take up so much room in your garage that you got rid of it? Then, the portable car dryer may be just the right tool for you.

What makes a portable car dryer so great? As the name suggests, portable car dryers can be transported wherever you go. 

They fold up into a neat package that takes up little room in your trunk, your motorcycle storage space, or your luggage. Moreover, when you need your portable car dryer, it is quick to assemble. Portable dryers can be easily maneuvered. Just like full size dryers, they have the power and ability to reach those nooks and crannies of your car or motorcycle. Take your portable dryer on those fun road trips. It’s ready for quick wash and dry jobs while you travel. At home, it tucks into a small space on your garage wall.

Why Choose a BLO Car Dryer?

BLO Car Dryers eliminate the chance your expensive painted surfaces will get scratched. They avoid abrasions caused by a drying cloth. With BLO Dryers you will avoid poor drying techniques that leave behind residue and other issues.

AIR-S Portable Car Dryer

For those who want a portable BLO dryer, the AIR-S Portable Car Dryer is the perfect solution. This compact, hand-held Car Dryer only appears small. It packs a lot of power. The AIR-S offers the highest power of any handheld portable car dryer.

The single one-and-a-half horsepower motor provides 21,899 FPM. The AIR-S has twin air speed control to provide warm filtered air to your car’s surface. The sixteen-foot power cord gives you lots of maneuvering room around your vehicle.

The AIR-S Portable Dryer is the ideal tool for drying not just cars but also motorcycles, and bikes. Choose from its three nozzles to safely drive water from every vent, grille, mirror, wheel, crack, or cranny on your vehicle. It is the perfect tool for small and medium-sized watercraft.

How It Works:

With the AIR-S, air is forced in a straight line. This increases both efficiency and performance. In models like the RS and the GT, air is forced from the bottom. To increase airspeed, BLO manufacturers added the most powerful motor available in a hand-held dryer. The one-and-a-half horsepower motor is powerful but lightweight making it ideal for a portable, hand-held air dryer. Other portable dryers can’t compete with the power or the lightness of the AIR-S.

The efficient one-and-a-half horsepower motor increases air temperature in the AIR-S. Temperatures of up to twenty-five degrees higher than the air around your vehicle makes drying your car a breeze. The AIR-S delivers clean filtered air to dry your car’s paint, chrome, and plastic surfaces safely and swiftly.

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AIR-S Top Features

The AIR-S comes with a two-speed controller. This allows you to regulate the airflow to get at tight areas and control air on delicate surfaces.

AIR-S has an ergonomically designed grip handle so you can use it either right side up or upside down to reach high and lower areas of your vehicle.

With the AIR-S portable BLO dryer, you can accomplish all the tasks formerly handled by the RS and the GT. The AIR-S will competently dry exterior glass, paint, mirrors, tires, grill and chrome areas. It’s so lightweight and easy to handle that kids can use it.

AIR-S, like the larger BLO Car Dryers, uses high-pressure heat settings you set for your car’s various surfaces. If you are looking for a powerful, efficient, lightweight air dryer that travels with you and takes up little space, the AIR-S portable handheld air dryer is an excellent choice. 

Like BLO Dryers’ other car dryers, the AIR-S has an unconditional one-year warranty.

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