Car Cleaning Mistakes

There are plenty of affordable car cleaning products available at Gyeon USA that you can purchase to help create your own professional car wash right in your home. Unfortunately, buying the right products is only half the battle. The other portion is knowing how to properly wash a car. More than knowing how to approach car detailing is also knowing what car cleaning mistakes to avoid. 

One of the biggest mistakes most people make while cleaning their vehicles at home is using regular bath towels for drying. This is pretty common as bath towels are easily available at home, and on the surface (no pun intended) it seems harmless.

Any professional will warn you about properly drying a vehicle. Some car owners may opt to skip drying altogether, but this is also a costly car cleaning mistake. The best option would be to use a car blow dryer like BLO. We talk more about this later on. Before we jump into car drying, let's take a look at other common car cleaning mistakes:

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Using the Wrong Cleaning Soap

As far as car cleaning mistakes, product options make it difficult to know which is the best soap for washing. Not every soap should be used to clean your vehicle. Household soaps are made for a particular application and it's not cleaning your vehicle. 

For example, dishwashing soap is totally wrong, and way too harsh, especially if your intention is to ensure the ultimate finish that can help uphold your vehicle's value for years to come. At BLO, we're huge fans of Gyeon USA cleaning tools and detailing products. We highly recommend checking out any of the follow soap washes if you're DIY'ing your detailing job. The best products to use for washing your vehicle include:

There are a lot more products at the Gyeon USA to choose from.

Detailing Your Vehicle Under Direct Sunlight

If it's a sunny day, you may think that this is the most perfect opportunity to clean and dry your vehicle, but no. That is the worst possible mistake! Direct sunlight with the sun’s UV rays bearing down on your car will simply heat it up and hinder your progress.

As you wash, you will also find that the heat dries the surface of the vehicle before you get around to drying it, which leaves water spots and makes the vehicle’s paint look ugly and old. 

The best option would be to detail your vehicle under a shade, and use a BLO car dryer to dry it completely. 

Using and Leaving Hard Water on Your Car

Another point among car cleaning mistakes is using hard water. This is a common mistake that occurs when drying and detailing your vehicle. The most serious, however, is forgetting to completely dry the surface of your car. You should always use a microfiber towel to dry your vehicle or use a blo car dryer that offers contact-less drying. It is the best and most effective option.

You should also ensure that you do not misuse the drying towel. For example, when washing and drying, you may notice stubborn dirt on the vehicle that did not get cleaned off. Using the drying cloth to forcefully wipe it off seems like the best option.

This is a mistake for a few reasons;

  • First, the drying towel needs to be kept contaminant-free and clean, and therefore, wiping the small dirt spot away makes it dirty.
  • Secondly, forcefully trying to remove an embedded dirt from the vehicle will risk dragging the dirt across the vehicle and scratch the paint. 

Also, the deeply embedded contaminants should be removed with a detailing lubricant or clay bar. These glide over the surface of the vehicle removing stubborn dirt without putting the car’s paint at risk. 

car cleaning mistakes

Use of the Wrong Glass Cleaner

The windows of a car always look good when they are shining. Using the wrong glass cleaners however will have the opposite effect. It is a common error to assume that all household cleaning products can work on other surfaces. This is not true.

If you carefully analyze professional detailers, you will notice that they invest in good quality products, and they do not assume that any product can do the job. They never have things like regular windex for cleaning cars. They have professional glass cleaners such as:

One ingredient to avoid with glass cleaners is ammonia. This is way too harsh and will destroy the tint of your car, and eventually it will come off. There are plenty of ammonia-free products, sold at Gyeon USA. 

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Car Blow Dryers: Helping to Avoid Car Cleaning Mistakes

Despite popular opinions and myths, car drying is just as critical as dowsing your vehicle in top-line car wash serums. There are numerous problems with not drying a car after wash that should be avoided at all costs. 

At BLO Car Dryers, we offer the best drying solutions for your vehicle. There are no scratches, no streaks and no drips when you use one of our products. This is a contactless car drying procedure that’s safe and simple.

Our car dryers are the best in the market, and once you go blo, you never go back! Here are our three main products to choose from:

Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the US, and built for everyone. From car enthusiasts to professional detailers, our BLO car dryers are game changers! We are the best choice. 

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