How To Clean Mercedes Engine

Maintaining your Mercedes and ensuring every part is in good condition can save money and ensure the value of your car is upheld. A clean exterior retains the sparkling appearance of your Mercedes' paintwork. Likewise, as part of your vehicle’s maintenance, you should learn how to clean your engine. Dirt doesn’t only accumulate on the exterior – some can also get under the hood. After a few drives, the debris and grimes can negatively impact the engine’s performance. Learn how to clean Mercedes engine here. 

A dirty engine bay may not cause damage to your Mercedes Benz, but every once in a while, it helps to get those grime particles off the body of your vehicle and leave it sparkling clean. Many auto detailing and luxury maintenance service providers offer exclusive Mercedes engine cleaning services. Learn how they handle cleaning your Mercedes.

how to clean mercedes engine

How To Properly Wash A Car

Including regular car washes in your cleaning routine helps to maintain a shiny appearance and keeps the car in an optimum state. Here are a few car care cleaning tips to get you started that address how to properly wash your car:

Clean The Cabin

Over time, the buildup of gunk and goo can cause the vehicle’s outsides to be dirty, and it does the same to the inside. Get the Mercedes interior cleaning kit and ensure your interiors look fresh and new. These tips can help:

  • Take out every trash in the vehicle
  • Clean out and vacuum the carpets
  • Use a damp cloth to brush down evert debris from the seats
  • Apply leather conditioner
  • Clean the window interiors with the window cleaner
  • Use the interior detailer to clean the instrument panel, dashboard, and other interior surfaces. 

Clean Under The Hood

It’s common to find dirt, leaves, and other residues gathering under the hood during fall and winter. So, you should open your car’s hood and clean out any built-up debris. Since all the essential components of the Mercedes Benz’s engine have good coverage, it’s safe to use water to clean under the hood.

Wax The Exterior

Applying the wax, especially during springtime when the sun shines bright, can improve the exterior appearance and make your car look flashy. The was also protects the paintwork from minor surface scratches.

Mercedes Benz Engine Cleaning Products

Before proceeding to clean your vehicle’s engine, here are some products from Gyeon USA you need:

BLO Car Dryer: The car dryer is the perfect way to eliminate water spots and streaking by expelling moisture from hard-to-reach places and protecting against rust.

All-Purpose Car Cleaner: For more cleaning power, the all-purpose car cleaner is a versatile addition to your car wash supplies. It handles both interiors and exterior surfaces of the vehicle. 

Pre-Wash Foam: The product helps to reduce the accumulation of swirl marks on your engine bay and other surfaces over time. It loosens and limits the dirt and debris on the surface.  

Ceramic Trim Coating: Applying a single layer of ceramic trim coating enhances the look of plastic, bringing it from a faded appearance to an improved finish, which suits the engine bay.

Softwipe Towel: The thick microfiber cloth is an option to provide a streak-free result from cleaning Mercedes glass and plastic surfaces of the interior and exterior parts of the Mercedes.

cleaning mercedes engine

How To Properly Wash A Mercedes Engine

Cleaning up every area underneath your car’s hood can help extend some components’ life, including the hoses and belts. It also makes spotting tears and leakages around the engine easy. Whether you choose to deep clean or apply a few touch-ups on the engine bay, the following steps guide you on how to clean your car engine properly:

Step 1 – Prewash the engine

  • You can break down the dirt and grime using engine prewash before washing.
  • Dilute the presoak to suit your delivery method.
  • Spray the foam directly on the engine bay.
  • Let it sit for up to one minute without drying on the surface.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with water to remove the loose dirt.

Step 2 – Wash the engine bay

  • You can hose down the engine bay to eliminate the dirt residue.
  • Keep the water from getting to the electrical components under the hood.
  • After spraying, apply a liberal amount of concentrated all-purpose cleaner to the surface. 
  • Let the car cleaner set in for a few minutes 

Step 3 – Rinse And Dry The Engine Bay

  • Rinse the cleaning mix off the engine bay with low water pressure.
  • Most Mercedes owners prefer to use the garden hose over the high-pressure sprayer.

Step 4 – Dry Off the Engine Bay With The BLO Car Dryer 

  • Plug in your BLO car dryer
  • Direct the nozzle to the engine bay to expel high horsepower air and scatter the water droplets.
  • With the car dryer, you make zero contact with the vehicle’s surface, which help to achieve a fresh, scratch-free finish.

Step 5 – Coat The Surface

  • Applying ceramic trim coasting enriches and enhances the look of the engine bay.
  • Work the coating in thoroughly using a suede applicator.
  • Wipe off the excess products.


Is It Safe To Clean Mercedes Engines?

In the Mercedes engine, sensitive electrical components such as the distributor, spark plug coils, electrical connectors, fuse box, sensors, or air intake have seals and enclosures to keep water from gaining access. Therefore, cleaning Mercedes engines with water is safe.

How Often Should I Wash My Mercedes Engine?

You can clean your engine as often as you want, but unlike the exterior, washing the engine bay so often is unnecessary. It’s best to perform the task twice a year or four times if you live in a harsh environment. Dirt and oil can’t get embedded onto components and surfaces, but washing your engine leaves them shiny and new.

how to clean mercedes engine

How Do I Dry My Engine After Cleaning With Water?

Instead of wiping the engine with a towel or microfiber cloth, blow drying is the best and safest way to get moisture from hard-to-reach places, especially around electrical components and connectors. It provides warm filtered air and ensures no scratch, streak, or drips left from cleaning Mercedes engines. It's also the fastest way to ensure a proper drying task for your vehicle. 

Cleaning Mercedes Engine With BLO Car Dryer

It’s easy! With some time and effort in following the guide above, you can achieve general cleanliness and presentation of your engine. A cleaner engine that is clear of dust, dirt, and grime will run smoother and look miles better. Learn more about our safe-to-use BLO car dryers, designed for regular maintenance and luxury automobiles like Mercedes Benz. 

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